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Closed loop automation for mobile radio networks

EdenNet is an industry-leading SON solution that enables mobile operators to automate and efficiently realize the full potential of their existing networks, as well as drive transformation to 5G. As a centralized SON platform, EdenNet automates operations, eliminating complexities from multi-vendor, multi-technology, and multi-layered networks. The multi-vendor capability is supported by the Operations Support Systems interoperability initiative (OSSii). Nokia EdenNet offers the industry’s widest range of SON modules, helping operators achieve self-configuration, self-healing and self-optimization.

Nokia EdenNet SON – Why it is good for your business

Up to 260

hours freed up annually per RAN optimization engineer (nationwide NAM operator)


improvement in dropped call rate (operator in Asia)


reduction in energy consumption (European operator)


rise in average Call Quality Index (African operator)

"Our collaboration with Nokia in taking SON to the next level by integrating it with other data sources and machine learning capabilities, enables us to proactively address network performance dips and outages even before a customer experiences them."

Abhay Savargaonkar / CTO, Airtel India

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