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Automate remote management of customer premises equipment

The management of broadband access devices, including gateway routers, Wifi extenders and mesh nodes, video set top boxes, voice over IP access devices, 4G/5G fixed wireless access devices, and small cell devices, is critical to the success of CSPs. Nokia IMPACT Home is designed with capability of managing these home broadband access devices.

IMPACT Home offers CSPs with standard based, secure and scalable device management platform, which can manage millions of TR-069 home devices.

Comprehensive solution

IMPACT offers a flexible migration path to optimize connectivity, networks and operations to support emerging technologies and evolving needs along with Home Broadband device management. With our solution, you can grow capabilities, ease deployments of broadband access service, Wifi extenders / mesh nodes, and access IoT opportunities in varied markets and applications.

A single, simplified platform

With IMPACT, you get a single, integrated, standards-based platform that can move you from Home device management, mobile device management, to M2M through and IoT. Deployments and integration are easy with cloud and container-based technologies, and operations are simplified with common software tool across Nokia Software products.

Strategic value

Nokia is heavily involved in Home Broadband management standard organization, has partnership with major device vendors through interpretability testing program and device library / content management, has deployed device management products in long list of major CSPs around the world.

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