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China Mobile landslide monitoring and alarm system

Case study: IMPACT IoT platform

Nokia partnered with China Mobile to develop a landslide monitoring and alarm system (LMAS) built on Nokia’s IMPACT IoT platform. This system enables the BGIGC Group, a Chinese highway operations management company, to detect and respond more effectively to landslides along their roadways.

Nokia partners: China Mobile

CMCC Guangxi, a subsidiary of China Mobile, is the leading communication service provider (CSP) in China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Among its more than 30 million customers is the BGIGC Group, a state-owned enterprise that manages and operates trade and transportation infrastructure, including more than 500 km of expressway.

Nokia’s landslide solution using Impact IoT

In 2019, Nokia and China Mobile deployed an LMAS solution built on the Nokia IMPACT IoT platform along a vulnerable stretch of highway in Guangxi province. The solution includes high-precision sensor nodes that measure 3D tilt angle, vibration and shock data. These nodes are connected by a wireless network that delivers exceptional reliability even in complex outdoor environments.

Benefits of Impact IoT for landslide monitoring

A key benefit of the solution is that the sensors can be quickly integrated into both the Nokia IMPACT IoT platform and China Mobile’s OneNET platform. As a result, China Mobile benefits from greater flexibility in deployment options and can quickly cover very large areas. The  sensors also require very little maintenance after they’ve been deployed, and their ultra-low power consumption means they can run long-term on battery power alone.

“Immediately upon deployment, the Nokia IMPACT IoT solution demonstrated the value it can deliver. We are highly committed to using 5G technology to enhance expressway safety for all road users, and this project is a major step forward in that goal.”
Yang Jirong
Enterprise Applications Expert, China Mobile
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