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Wireless unified networks

Cellular and Wi-Fi are better together

Get the best of both Wi-Fi® and cellular with Wireless Unified Networks from Nokia. Wireless Unified Networks optimizes your customer experience by combining licensed 4G or 3G cellular, unlicensed LTE (LTE-U), and Wi-Fi networks to increase capacity, range, and peak rates. It does this by bringing together two initiatives: Wi-Fi boost and cellular boost.

Wi-Fi boost uses cellular to enhance the performance of Wi-Fi networks.

Cellular boost uses unlicensed frequency to enhance the performance of cellular.

These technologies can be deployed separately, or combined for even greater performance gains.

Ensure that your customers always have the strongest, fastest wireless connection. Blend the upload and download capabilities of Wi-Fi and cellular technologies to enable higher capacity. And give your subscribers a more consistent and higher-quality experience in high-traffic or low-signal locations – whether at home, in the office, or outdoors.

Take a look at the Nokia products and solutions that can bring Wireless Unified Networks into your network.

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