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PSE Super Coherent Technology

Ultimate wavelength performance at any distance

400G everywhere is here

Rev up your routers for blazing speed. Light up your fibers for optimal reach. Break down barriers for profitable growth seizing the opportunities emerging in cloud, IoT and 5G.

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Photonic Service Engine (PSE) Coherent DSPs

Nokia has been delivering coherent technology innovation since the first commercial deployment of a single-carrier 100G wavelength in 2010. The Nokia PSE and PSE-2 super coherent digital signal processors (DSP), achieved several additional industry milestones as coherent technology became a foundational element of optical transport.

In 2018, Nokia implemented probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS) in the Photonic Service Engine 3 DSP.  This revolutionary technology enhances performance to near theoretical limits, while at the same time provides ultimate flexibility in balancing rate versus reach.  As the industry leader in the research and development of coherent high-speed optics, Nokia took the performance of light to the limit – the Shannon Limit.

With the introduction of its 5th generation coherent DSP family, Nokia is looking beyond the limit – to optimized coherent technologies with the right features, in the right form-factor, for the unique applications demanded by each and every part of your network. 

We’re helping you meet the growing needs of optical networks beyond the Shannon limit


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