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VDSL2 vectoring

Broadband for all with VDSL2 vectoring 

VDSL2 vectoring upgrades bring more bandwidth to more people, sooner

With VDSL2 and Vplus/35b technology upgrades the speed and number of connected subscribers can be doubled with half of the footprint.  At the same time, the environment can be protected with reduced power consumption. Our VDSL2 solutions allow different technologies to be combined to suit specific needs, getting the right mix to deliver ultra-broadband to everyone.


  • 300 Mb/s aggregate bitrates with Vplus/35b vectoring.
  • Best vectoring efficiency with Bell Labs algorithm
  • Best power efficiency with Quillion chipset 

Flexible solutions

  • Any use case, any deployment model
  • Highest density Vplus/35b vectoring
  • Highest capacity for large VDSL2 vectoring groups

Technology leadership

  • All-times leader in xDSL innovation
  • First vendor from ADSL to vectoring and Vplus/35b
  • Nokia is driving standardization & IOP  
  • 20+ years worldwide xDSL expertise

Market leadership

  • 43% market share in VDSL21
  • 56M+ vectoring lines shipped1
  • 38% market share in DSL with most lines deployed1
  • 410M DSL lines shipped1

1According to networking and telecommunications market research group, Dell’Oro.

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