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Nokia 5G Packet Core Overview

Course Number: TT01369-W-1809
Course Duration: 4 hours (Web-Based Training)

Course overview

This self-paced e-learning course introduces the 5G end-to-end system architecture and highlights its characteristics. It describes the Nokia solution for 5G non-standalone Option 3X. It also examines the architecture of the 5G next generation core by highlighting the role of each network function. Demonstrations are integrated throughout the course to reinforce learning objectives.

Course objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Identify the drivers and benefits of 5G
  • Present the 5G end-to-end system architecture and its deployment options
  • Describe the 5G non-standalone Option 3X
  • Illustrate the Next Generation Core (NGC) architecture
  • Identify the role of each network function in NGC



  • Describe the service-based architecture in NGC
  • Describe the mobility and session management functions in 5G
  • Describe the concept of network slicing
  • Explain the 5G QoS framework and the main components of 5G security

Course modules

  • Module 1 – Introduction to 5G
    • Overview of 5G
    • 5G Deployment Options
  • Module 2 - EPC Enhancements for 5G Option 3X
    • EPC Architecture Enhancements for Supporting Option 3X
    • EPC Procedures for Option 3X
  • Module 3 - Next Generation Core
    • NGC Architecture and Logical Interfaces
    • NGC Service-based Architecture


  • Module 4 - NGC Mobility and Session Management Functions
    • Mobility Management in 5GS
    • Session Management in 5GS
  • Module 5 - 5G QoS and Security
    • Overview of Network Slicing
    • Network Slicing Operation
  • Module 6 - Network Slicing
    • 5G QoS Architecture
    • 5G Security Architecture

CPC and evolution to 5G confidentiality

Review the confidentiality agreement.