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Nokia Cloud Packet Core

Course Number: TT01365-V-1809
Course Duration: 5 days
Price: $3,425 US

Course overview

This hands-on instructor-led course explores the Nokia Cloud Packet Core (CPC) Solution. It starts with an in-depth review of the Cloud Packet Core architecture and its cloud native characteristics. Virtualization and optimal deployment options for the CPC are presented as well as performing life cycle operations with CloudBand Application Manager (CBAM). The virtual network function (VNF) architecture of the Nokia Cloud Mobility Manager (CMM), the Cloud Mobile Gateway (CMG), and the Smart Plan Suite (SPS) are all addressed. The course concludes with an exploration of how to evolve to 5G.

Course Objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the architecture of the Nokia CPC and its cloud native design capabilities
  • Illustrate the network function virtualization platform used for CPC
  • Describe the management architecture of the CPC
  • Explain key virtualization concepts
  • Use CBAM to deploy CMM and CMG
  • Explain the VNF architecture of the Nokia CMM
  • Explain the VNF architecture of the Nokia CMG
  • Describe the virtual machine (VM) components of the CMM and CMG VNFs
  • Describe the IP networks required by the CMM and CMG VNFs
  • Describe the dimensioning, scaling, resiliency, and lifecycle management of the CMM and CMG VNFs



  • Describe the architecture and the components of the Nokia Smart Plan Suite (SPS) VNF
  • Identify the different 5G deployment options
  • Illustrate how the Nokia CPC architecture supports the evolution towards 5G
  • Describe 5G non-standalone option 3
  • Verify the health of CPC VNFs including their stacks, VMs, and networks
  • Troubleshoot virtualization infrastructure using CLI commands
  • Configure the CMM and CMG on a Nokia CPC for an LTE Attach
  • Troubleshoot LTE Attach failure scenarios using UE call traces and logs
  • Perform Life-Cycle Management (LCM) operations on CMM and CMG with CBAM

Course modules

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Cloud Packet Core
  • Module 2 – CPC Virtualization
  • Module 3 – Cloud Mobility Manager 
  • Module 4 – Cloud Mobile Gateway


  • Module 5 – Smart Plan Suite
  • Module 6 – Evolution to a 5G Core
  • Module 7 – CPC Troubleshooting and Analytics

Schedule & registratior

CPC and evolution to 5G confidentiality

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