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Nokia Orchestration and SDN for Cloud Packet Core

Course Number: TT01367-V-1809
Course Duration: 4 days
Price: $3,125 US

Course overview

This hands-on instructor-led course explores Nokia Orchestration and SDN for the Cloud Packet Core. The Nokia Data Center Solution (DCS) with SDN is described with a focus on service orchestration provided by Virtualized Network Orchestration (VNO) powered by the CloudBand Network Director (CBND), virtual network function (VNF) management provided by CloudBand Application Manager (CBAM), and virtual infrastructure management provided by CloudBand Infrastructure Software (CBIS). The network function virtualization infrastructure using the Nokia Airframe is described along with the data center fabric provided by the 210 WBX leaf/spine and 7750 DCI Gateway. The course concludes with examples of how the Nuage Networks SDN solution is used by CloudBand to deploy and connect Nokia cloud packet core network functions.

Course objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of Nokia Data Center Solution (DCS)
  • Illustrate the end-to-end MANO architecture
  • Describe the role of Nuage Networks SDN in the data
  • List the Nuage Networks VSP components and describe
    the role of VSD, VSC, and VRS
  • Illustrate the end-to-end integration of CloudBand and
    Nuage Networks SDN
  • Describe the VNF management with CloudBand
    Application Manager (CBAM)
  • Outline how a Virtual Network Function Descriptor
    (VNFD) models a VNF
  • Describe the architecture of CloudBand Network
    Director (CBND)
  • Describe the Virtualized Network Orchestration (VNO)
  • Describe how VNO supported by CBND automates endto-end Cloud Packet Core (CPC) service instantiation
  • Describe the data center management architecture
  • Describe the steps required to enable SDN networking
    in a data center for a CPC
  • Explain the data center fabric setup



  • Describe the Nuage Networks VSP deployment
  • Explain CBIS deployment and integration
  • Describe the automated mapping of SR-IOV ports to WBX ports
  • Illustrate the workflow for CPC service instantiation
  • Describe the VNF instantiation with Nuage Networks
  • Describe the Nuage Networks overlay service design: VSD policies, security policies, high availability, and routing
  • Configure CPC external networks and describe how
    different port types are created on the VSD
  • Outline how SDN supports overlay routing between
    VNF loopback addresses using BGP and static-routes
  • Illustrate a CPC networking use case with a Cloud
    Mobility Manager (CMM) and a Cloud Mobile Gateway
    (CMG) using CUPS (Control User Plane Separation)
  • Outline how VNO automates the deployment of a
    CUPS solution
  • Hands-on lab exercises using CBND, CBAM, CBIS, VSD,
    VSC, and 210 WBX to reinforce key concepts
  • Use VNO to deploy a network service
  • Instantiate a CMGUP instance in a CUPS deployment
    using CBAM

Course modules

  • Module 1 – Datacenter Solution (DCS)
    • Overview of the Datacenter Solution
    • Overview of Datacenter Networking with Nuage Networks
  • Module 2 – NFV Orchestration and Management
    • NFV Orchestration and the CloudBand Network Director (CBND)
    • CloudBand Application Manager (CBAM)
    • DCS management
  • Module 3 – DCS Initial Setup with Nuage Networks SDN
    • DCS with Nuage setup workflow
    • Datacenter fabric setup
    • Nuage VSP deployment
    • CBIS deployment and integration
    • SR-IOV to WBX port mapping


  • Module 4 – VNF Instantiation with Nuage Networks SDN
    • VNF Networks
    • CBAM VNF Deployment
    • Post VNF Deployment Configuration
    • Value added CPC features available with Nuage Networks SDN
  • Module 5 – CUPS service deployment using VNO
    • Deploying end-to-end services using VNO NSDs
    • Networking for CMM and CMG CUPS architecture

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