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Connected car

Connected car

Bring secure connected services to millions of vehicles

Driver demands and technology trends are paving the way for the connected car to reach its full market potential. Nokia can help you use advanced cloud, communications and networking technologies to turn cars into connected vehicles that create new ways to engage with customers, partners and suppliers. With our IMPACT IoT platform, you can use data on vehicles and their components to fuel innovation, strengthen customer relationships and generate new revenues.


Vehicles now rely on electronics and software. By 2020, 50% of a vehicle’s value will come from software.1

1 Volkswagen


More vehicles are connecting to the internet. There will be 250M connected vehicles worldwide by 2020.2

2 Gartner


Nokia IMPACT supports 1.5B+ managed devices and 300+ customers globally.

Challenge: Securely and reliably manage the connected car

A vertical approach to lifecycle management can limit your service delivery capabilities. To succeed with services for the connected car, you need an infrastructure that securely and reliably manages the "car as a device." This infrastructure must support digital innovation and meet the connectivity needs of different connected car stakeholders, including governments, carmakers, OEMs and application developers.



Solution: Bring a horizontal approach to device and data management

Our standards-based IMPACT solution provides a horizontal, use case-driven approach that lets you support connected cars with end-to-end device and data management capabilities — from device activation to comprehensive care and analytics. It enables you to deliver high-value services and applications to millions of virtual vehicles by supporting any device, protocol or application.

Our IMPACT solution allows you to use proven technologies and best practices to deliver innovative services to millions of cars with maximum security and minimal operational risk. With IMPACT, you can support multiple connected vehicle services and applications that lower costs, increase revenues and boost customer loyalty.

The IMPACT solution supports:

  • Comprehensive cloud- and network-based security and management capabilities
  • Reliable, high-performance connectivity with a device-agnostic management platform that can be securely accessed by multiple departments or partners
  • Secure protocols that can be used to relay commands to in-car actuators and collect data from in-vehicle sensors
  • Secure over-the-air software and firmware updates for electronic components in vehicles
  • Integrated real-time visibility and analytics



Nokia is accelerating connected vehicles

Nokia is working with vehicle makers, vehicle suppliers, service providers and governments to enhance communications infrastructures and services for connected vehicles. We have extensive experience helping telecom operators bring services to connected devices. We are confident that we can help automotive companies seize new opportunities with applications and services for the connected car.

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