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Mission-critical backhaul for the broadband and IoT era

Evolve your backhaul network to full packet to support new public safety services

We can help you transition to a backhaul network that supports the video, broadband, sensors, and voice communications your rescue teams need to protect lives. Our solutions evolve smoothly to new capabilities and deliver secure, dependable services to first responders in the field. They also simplify network management and protect investments with a mission-critical network designed to last.

Challenge: Building backhaul networks that scale for the data era

Existing public safety backhaul networks were designed to support voice traffic, not today’s new digital services and broadband radio systems. As a result, they don’t scale easily and won’t support new diverse services for years ahead. The current model, in which multiple siloed networks were built for each agency, is also inefficient and costly, particularly as older technologies begin reaching their end of life.

Solution: A multi-service, mission-critical backhaul network

Nokia full-packet solutions combine market-leading IP/MPLS, packet microwave, and optical transport technologies to create reliable, secure, converged backhaul networks. Our approach offers seamless service evolution, highly dependable communications for all first responders, and simple, cost-effective network management.


Get highly reliable services, with protection against tough conditions, hardware failure, and cyberattacks

Service evolution

Support current applications with the right priority — without disruption — along with new data and video services

Investment protection

Safely share your network with other agencies to minimize costs — and scale easily, as needed

How you benefit

Modernizing your public safety backhaul network has a wide range of benefits — for first responders, for your community, your network performance and operations, as well as your budget. For example:

  • You can support today's voice-centric services without disruption, while seamlessly adding new broadband data and video capabilities
  • Services are highly secure and perform reliably in the field
  • First responders get more information, faster, for better awareness in emergency situations
  • For greater cost effectiveness, you can safely share unused network capacity with other agencies
  • To protect your investment, our solutions also make it easy to add network capacity

Upgrade your backhaul for broadband and the IoT

Upgrade your backhaul for broadband and the IoT


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