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New cable service opportunities

Deliver new services that meet changing customer needs

Nokia can help you combine your existing network with new technologies to deliver cable services that address the latest needs of residential and business customers, and generate new revenue.

Challenge: Keep pace with evolving market demands

The cable industry has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. It continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of commercial and residential customers. The new market landscape is driving transformation in the cable network at many levels. To thrive in this fast-moving market, you need to adapt your network to address the demands of new service offerings that were unheard of just a few years ago.

Solution: Embrace new technologies to enhance your service offer

We provide technologies and expertise that can help you seize new cable service opportunities. Our cable solutions enable you to enhance your service offer by extending cloud, virtualization, IoT, smart home, and IP video capabilities to your customers. We back these solutions with consulting and integration services that help you manage complexity and get maximum value from your investments.

Expand business service revenue with new offers that leverage the cloud and virtualization

Unlock competitive growth by delivering new services and applications for smart home and IoT

Deliver the personalized customer experience that customers want by supporting IP video services on any device

Cable business services - B2B
Capture B2B market share by delivering agile and secure access to cloud-hosted applications through software-defined virtual private networks (SD-VPNs). Our Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) solution allows you to provide network services on demand using any network, cloud, form factor, or deployment model. It lets you offer the flexible connectivity and value-added services that every business needs. Learn more >

Internet of Things
Use the IoT to pursue business opportunities in domains such as public safety, healthcare, connected mobility, connected home, and smart cities. Our IoT solutions help you transform business models, change the way people live and work, and improve the customer experience. With our IMPACT IoT platform, you can support IoT deployments across a variety of industries with capabilities such as:

  • Connectivity and device management
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Application development and service management

Learn more >

Smart home
Boost revenue and reduce churn with smart home services that combine your unique capabilities with the IoT. Our Smart Home solution provides an app that makes it easy for your customers to control the smart home environment. It also includes an IoT cloud platform that stores data and supports end-to-end management of smart home gateways and devices. Learn more >

IP video and personalization
Build scalable video platforms that generate new revenue, reduce costs, and meet expectations for outstanding digital media delivery. Our IP Video solutions let you host advanced TV services in the cloud and stream personalized content to consumer-owned devices. They help you create a powerful distribution channel for your content partners - and exciting new opportunities for your business. Learn more >

IP Video Systems Integration Services
Let us help you manage the complexity of video integration. Our IP video integration service provides simple, turnkey deployment for the entire video ecosystem. It combines rigorous methodology, documentation, and collaboration with effective governance and project management to keep all stakeholders informed, engaged, and aligned. Our global team of experts offers scalable support that can help you build and integrate video backends, head-ends, networks, and clients. Learn more >

Nokia Bell Labs Consulting 
Gain an independent view of technology and its financial impacts on your business. Nokia Bell Labs Consulting offers TCO modeling and business planning services that can help you compare network evolution scenarios and make investment decisions with clarity and confidence. Learn more >

Expand your cable services offer

Expand your cable services offer

Nokia can help you expand your cable services offer to address the changing needs of your business and residential customers. Our solutions enable you to create and seize new opportunities with cloud, IoT, smart home, IP video, and business services. With our help, you can generate new revenue, capture more market share, address new verticals, and deliver experiences that delight your customers.

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Nokia worldwide IoT network grid as a service


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