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Nokia 8000 4G
Nokia 8000 4G
Nokia 8000 4G

Social, 4G connectivity with a twist of sophistication.


Nokia 8000 4G
Nokia 8000 4G
Nokia 8000 4G
512 MB RAM, 4 GB Storage, Single SIM
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Ask questions, see your schedule or even dim the lights. Your Assistant learns on the job the more you use it, so you can do more in your day by doing less with your phone.

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Nokia 8000 4G

Nokia 8000 4G is easy to use – and easy on the eye with a precision crafted glass-like shell for stand out high quality design. Elevate your elegance with gemstone-inspired colors and a classy metalized chrome midframe finish. Make the most of the 2.8” screen and hardwearing 3D curved keymat, built with your comfort in mind. They make chatting on WhatsApp and Facebook, streaming videos on YouTube and planning trips with Google Maps even more enjoyable. Plus, it’s all smoother on 4G. And with essentials like Google Assistant, trusted durability and a battery that lasts, you’ve got a pretty solid setup – and plenty of style.

Full specifications


Fall in love with glossy gemstone-inspired design and the comfortable 3D curved keymat.


Enjoy your apps and shows in extra clarity thanks to the 2.8” screen.


Get into WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube – plus adventures with Google Maps.

4G with WiFi hotspot

4G life is easier with greater call quality, speedy data and a WiFi hotspot.


Sophisticated style

With a premium glass-like shell and gemstone-inspired colors like Opal White, Onyx Black, Topaz Blue, and Citrine Gold, Nokia 8000 4G is designed to shine. The classy chrome midframe finish completes the look.

A reflection of you

Style isn’t a trend – it’s confidence in being yourself. It’s unique to you and your flashes of brilliance – inside and out. Nokia 8000 4G is the perfect complement to your shine.

The Google Assistant

Gold-standard support

Get answers and aid with Google Assistant. Whether it’s finding new recipes or making calls, it’s all so much simpler with a virtual helper.

4G with WiFi hotspot

Crystal-clear connection

Accelerate your streaming, chatting and browsing on speedy 4G. Plus, share your Internet connection with friends and family using your WiFi hotspot.

2.8” screen and 3D keymat

Beautiful inside and out

A generous 2.8” screen gives extra clarity to your chats and shows. And the hardwearing 3D curved keymat is wrapped at the edges for a comfortable grip.

Great apps

Lots of little gems

Boredom isn’t an option with Nokia 8000 4G. Stay in touch with friends on WhatsApp and Facebook, play your top shows and tunes on YouTube and plan new routes on Google Maps.

Nothing to lose, plenty to gain. Get the latest Nokia phone news and offers.

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1 Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries. Check availability at

2 Battery has limited recharge cycles and battery capacity reduces over time. Eventually the battery may need to be replaced.

3 Pre-installed system software and apps use a significant part of memory space.