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Nokia 9 PureView


Make a call

  1. Tap phone.
  2. Type in a number or tap group and select a contact you want to call.
  3. Tap phone. If you have a second SIM card inserted, tap the corresponding icon to make a call from a specific SIM.

Answer a call

When the phone rings, swipe up to answer.


Tip: Don't want to keep your phone in silent mode, but can't answer right now? To silence an incoming call, press the Volume down key. You can also set your phone to mute the ringing when you pick the phone up: tap Settings > System > Gestures > Mute on pickup, and switch to on.

If you want to be able to reject an incoming call by turning over the phone, tap Settings > System > Gestures > Turn over to reject call, and switch to on.

Reject a call

To reject a call, swipe down.

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