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Nokia 9 PureView


Explore the world around you. If your phone supports Near Field Communication (NFC), you can tap accessories to connect to them, and tap tags to call someone or go to a website. The NFC functionality can be used with some specific services and technologies like tap to pay with your device. These services might not be available in your region. For additional info about the availability of these services, contact your network service provider.

Get started with NFC

Switch on the NFC features in your phone and start tapping to share stuff or connect to devices. To see if your phone supports NFC, tap Settings > Connected devices > Connection Preferences.

With NFC, you can:

  • Connect to compatible Bluetooth accessories that support NFC, such as a headset or a wireless loudspeaker
  • Tap tags to get more content for your phone or to access online services
  • Pay with your phone, if supported by your network service provider

The NFC area is on the back of your phone. Tap other phones, accessories, tags, or readers with the NFC area.

  1. Tap Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > NFC.
  2. Switch NFC on.

Before using NFC, make sure the screen and keys are unlocked.

Read NFC tags

NFC tags can contain information, such as a web address, a phone number, or a business card. The information you want is just a tap away.

To read a tag, tap the tag with the NFC area of your phone.


Note: Payment and ticketing apps and services are provided by third parties. HMD Global does not provide any warranty or take any responsibility for any such apps or services including support, functionality, transactions, or loss of any monetary value. You may need to reinstall and activate the cards you have added as well as the payment or ticketing app after repair of your device.

Connect to a Bluetooth accessory with NFC

Hands busy? Use a headset. Or why not listen to music using wireless speakers? You only need to tap the compatible accessory with your phone.

  1. Tap the NFC area of the accessory with the NFC area of your phone.*
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen.

*Accessories are sold separately. The availability of accessories varies by region.

Disconnect the connected accessory

If you don‘t need to be connected to the accessory anymore, you can disconnect the accessory.

Tap the NFC area of the accessory again.

For more information, see the accessory‘s user guide.

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