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Nokia G42 5G


Snapdragon™ 480+ 5G
50MP triple AI camera

Hot deal ! Available ₹700 discount on Nokia G42. Limited period offer.

Nokia C32See me shine

50MP Dual AI Camera

Hot deal ! Get ₹1000 off on Nokia C32. Coupon code DEAL1000

Nokia T21 tabletHot deal!

Work and play with a long-lasting tablet.

Get ₹2000 discount with coupon code SHOP2000

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    Nokia G42 5G

    Lower price

    So fast. So much battery.


    Nokia T21

    Get ₹2000 discount with coupon code SHOP2000

    For home, the office, and more, for years to come

A Nokia smartphone with Google apps

Pure Android

Sometimes, less is more. Much, much more.

There are little things in our everyday that hold us back: the traffic; the weather; the store you forgot to visit. So when you turn to your phone for answers, the last thing you need is something slowing you down.

We don’t add bloatware that wastes your battery. We don’t add clutter that hogs processing power. Nokia smartphones come with Android. Purely, wholly, Android. Nothing you don’t want, nothing to get in your way.

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    Nokia 150 (2023)

    Lower price

    The premium-design feature phone


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5G might not be supported by your network service provider or by the service provider you are using when travelling. Actual speed depends on network and other factors.