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Service and repairs

Service and repair

Walk-in service and repairs

Looking for servicing or repairs for your Nokia smartphone? Find your nearest authorized Care center with our locator app.

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Got a feature phone? No problem.

If you have a feature phone and need to get it replaced under the manufacturer's warranty, simply contact your point of purchase.

Warranty and insurance


Check warranty

To check whether your warranty is valid, enter your device IMEI code.

Where do I find the IMEI code?

Android phones To find the IMEI code on your phone, go to Settings > About Phone > Status > IMEI Information. If your phone has two IMEI-codes, please provide IMEI1.

Classic phones To find the IMEI code on your phone, enter *#06# on your keypad when on the main screen.

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Check warranty

Insure your Nokia against damages

You can purchase Nokia phone insurance within the first 15 days of having purchased your Android phone. Insurance is available for 12 months and covers display breakage, liquid damage, and more. You can also purchase Nokia phone extended warranty.