Data Collection Tech details


Data Collection Technical Details FAQ’s

Where the data is stored?

Data from global device variants (that are sold e.g. in Europe, US, India) is stored at HMD Global’s servers in Singapore provided by Amazon Web Services. Singapore, as you may already know, follows very strict privacy laws and is fully compliant with the GDPR.

For device variants that are sold in China the proxy is directing traffic directly our servers located in mainland China.

Who owns the data collection proxies?

Data collection proxies are under HMD Global’s control, but registered by our product development partner. Note that proxy is a link to our Amazon Web Services server in Singapore. We would like to point out that there are internet services that give misleading information when proxy owner is searched. The domain name registrar is often given as the owner instead of actual the owner of the domain. We have noticed that this has created some confusion, and therefore, have created a new proxy policy which is now under implementation.

Why are there references to legacy code in the activation client?

We have seen some of the tech enthusiasts decompiling the java code of the activation client to understand better how it works. These tech gurus have found references to some legacy code, such as references to other products and domains. As part of our application quality audits, we have noticed some deviation from good quality coding practices, and software teams are working on improving this matter.

Why activation client keeps sending the same data repeatedly?

Activation message is typically sent only one time. There are unique cases where the server which the activation client is trying to reach is not able to capture the activation data (e.g. server not reachable or parameter requirements are not met). In these cases, device activation client ends up in a loop and will try to resend the same message over and over again.