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Bringing people closer without costing the Earth

Nokia phones have always been made to last. And while keeping your device for longer is better for the environment, we’re now going even further. From our efforts to cut e-waste to our partnerships with environmental causes, we’re taking real action to help protect our planet.

Making phones that make a difference

There are two costs to every new phone – the money you pay, and the resources used to make it. By keeping our phones for longer, we save on both of those costs.

Nokia phones are made with high-quality materials, then go through product testing more vigorous than the industry average.¹ And with up to 3 years of security patches, Android™ OS upgrades² and manufacturer’s warranty³, your phone is made to last, inside and out.

Nokia XR20 : our most sustainable smartphones

Every aspect of a Nokia X-series phone is designed to excel and made to last. And the longer it lasts, the better it is for the planet.

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Why a Nokia?

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"If everyone in Europe kept their smartphones in use for one additional year, by 2030 that could save as much carbon as taking one million cars off the road.⁴"

Nokia Phones environmental profiles

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We can help recycle your old phones

We already sort our plastics from our metals, our bio-waste from our carboard – and electronic devices are just as important. But if you’re not sure how to get your old device recycled, we can help. Send it to us and we’ll dispose of them securely and recycle as much of the material as we can. And, it costs you nothing in postage.

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¹ We follow a rigorous manufacturing standard that is known as one of the toughest in the world. SPR tests that were originally developed by Nokia are used as the minimum quality standard to this day by HMD Global. This includes over 50 tests just for hardware durability, including force measurements, vigorous tumble, wear and scratch, fatigue.

² From the global launch date of the device.

³ See coverage at Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.

⁴ According to a study by the European Environmental Bureau, “Cool Products don’t cost the Earth”, 2019: