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Nokia 5.1

Use your camera like a pro

Use the different modes in you camera to enhance the quality of your photos.

Learn about your camera settings

In the Camera app, tap menu > settings Settings to learn more about each setting.

Use the camera in the manual mode

With the manual mode, you can take close-ups, wide angle photos, and adjust the AWB (Auto White Balance). To try out the manual mode, tap Camera > menu > Manual.

Take photos with a timer

Want to have time to get in the shot too? Try out the timer.

  1. Tap Camera.
  2. Tap . The button shows the timer setting. To change it, tap it again.
  3. Select the duration of the timer.
  4. Tap panorama_fish_eye Photo.

Take high quality photos

In the Camera app, tap menu > settings Settings > Resolution, and set the resolution that you want to.

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