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Nokia 3310 4G

Change the settings

Reset your phone

Accidents may happen and your phone may stop responding. You can restore the original factory settings, but be careful, since this reset removes all data you have saved in the phone memory and all your personalization.

If you are disposing your phone, note that you are responsible of removing all private content.

  1. Select Menu > > Reset > Factory data reset.
  2. Select Reset phone. The phone is reset and all data is removed.
  3. The phone reboots.

Airplane mode

When you are flying or in other locations where phone use is restricted, use the airplane mode.

To activate the airplane mode, select Menu > > More, and switch Airplane mode on.

The airplane mode closes connections to the cellular network and switches your device’s wireless features off. Comply with the instructions and safety requirements given by, for example, an airline, and any applicable laws and regulations.

Restrict mobile data usage with data roaming

If you want to avoid extra costs, you can change the data roaming settings.

Select Menu > > More > Mobile networks, and switch Data roaming off.

Change the time and date

  1. Select Menu > > Date & time.
  2. Switch Auto update off.
  3. Select Set date to change the date or Set time to change the time.

Choose a new wallpaper

  1. Select Menu > > Display > Wallpaper, and select Gallery to choose a wallpaper from the photos on your phone or Wallpapers to choose a wallpaper from the collection.
  2. Scroll to a wallpaper and select it to see how it looks on the screen.
  3. Select .

Change your ring and notification tone

Select Menu > > Audio profiles. You can select a pre-defined audio profile, or create your own.

  1. To create your own, select > Add.
  2. Write a name for the profile and select OK.
  3. Select the profile and Edit. You can now select the ring tone and notification tones.
  4. To save the profile, select .
  5. To switch on the profile, select the profile and Use.

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