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Nokia 3310 4G


Learn how to use the clock and timers to be on time.

Set an alarm

No clock around? Use your phone as an alarm clock.

  1. Select Menu > .
  2. Select > Add alarm to add an alarm.
  3. Scroll up or down until the correct hour is highlighted, and then scroll right to set the minutes in a similar manner. Scroll right to select AM or PM.
  4. Select Done. To set the alarm sound, select the alarm and then select > Edit. You can also give the alarm a name and set it to repeat on certain days. To turn off an alarm, select the alarm.

Countdown timer

If you need an alarm but don't want to create one in the alarm clock, use the countdown timer. You can, for example, time something that's cooking in the kitchen.

  1. Select Menu > , and scroll right to .
  2. Use the number keys to set the time.
  3. Select Start.


  1. Select Menu > and scroll right to .
  2. Select Start.
  3. Press the scroll key to stop the watch. If you want the time to continue, select Recover.

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