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Nokia 3310 4G


Add a contact

Save and organize your friends' phone numbers.

  1. Select Menu > > > Add Contact.
  2. Select whether to save the contact to the phone memory or the SIM card.
  3. Write the name and phone number of the contact. You can add several phone numbers to the contact.
  4. Select .

Tip: To bar any calls from a contact, select the contact and > Add to blacklist.

Copy contacts

Copy contacs between your SIM card and the phone.

To copy contacts between your phone and SIM card, in the contacts list, select > Import/Export > Copy to > Phone or SIM Card.

You can also import contacts from your phone memory or a memory card. Select > Import/Export > Import from internal storage or Import from external storage.

To share a contact with a friend, select > Import/Export > Share visible contacts, then select the contact and > Done. Select to share the contact using either Bluetooth or Messaging.

Call a contact or send a message

You can call a contact directly from the contacts list.

  1. Select Menu > and scroll to a contact.
  2. Select the contact and press .

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