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clouds over the city

Cloud continuum

How can you transform your cloud from siloed to seamless?

With agile networks that are built for interworking

Today, cloud deployments have become increasingly complex, extending across a diverse landscape of public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments spanning geographical regions, including network-edge components. The concept of distributed cloud deployments, coupled with the integration of distributed compute and network capabilities, has the power to unify and empower capabilities across a cloud continuum. This approach leverages the cloud as an operational model, allowing organizations to harness the full potential of cloud technology and services. The cloud continuum encourages organizations to rethink their operational strategies, fostering a culture of continuous innovation.

$22 billion

Omdia predicts that the telco network cloud market will be worth $22.4 billion by 2028.


According to Accenture, 86% of companies report an increase in cloud initiatives.


According to IDC, 82% of organizations are looking to ensure that all capabilities supporting the full data and AI workflow are tightly integrated in their cloud data platform.

Service providers

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  • Embrace the cloud as an innovative platform for discovering new ways of operating your infrastructure and services.
  • Develop an agile network that can leverage continual developments and expansion of cloud capabilities between applications and workloads across clouds, cloud services, on-premises data centers, and edge networks. 
  • Consider cloud federation approaches (based on open standards, interoperability models and open platforms) where appropriate.
  • Investigate how to leverage your incumbency in connectivity and physical infrastructure to allow enhanced user experiences in a multi-cloud environment.
  • Establish interconnectivity points at the network edge to generate new business opportunities in the ecosystem.
  • Offer edge cloud hosting and API business at the edge network access points to generate new value propositions for ecosystem players.


What's next?

Nokia is embracing these principles in our business. We are adapting within an ever-changing technology environment and continuously innovating our products, services and practices. We are helping companies to address constantly evolving technology in an accelerating race to deliver in the most advanced, hyperconnected and seamless experiences for their customers.

We’ll help you understand what is needed to evolve your IT, operations, and network infrastructure to fully leverage the opportunities presented by the cloud continuum to transform your business for future success.