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know now edition 4

Edition 4

Using technology to try and improve lives is nothing new. But with 5G, Cloud, and the Internet of Things now becoming mainstream, the possibilities of what can be achieved where humanity meets technology are accelerating at unprecedented speed.

Our Know, now report uncovers the most important trends in human augmentation – download it to learn more about the potential opportunities it creates for business and society.

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Know, now | The incredible tech trends supercharging the human body

The four types of augmentation you need to know

know now metaverse report

External physical

Pioneering prosthetics

Our daily lives have already been transformed by smart technology. Time-consuming tasks are now done without thinking. And as smart tech and robotics become more intelligent and accessible to greater numbers, their potential is amplified.

We will have the tools to make us faster, stronger and more resilient. Prosthetic limbs will be more precise, helping people with disabilities achieve great things. Vision could be improved with the click of a button. And the workplace of tomorrow will be more productive – and safer.

know now metaverse- chip inside

Internal physical

Inside information

Technology is bringing the power of the laboratory home. Wearables can detect early signs of infection, helping us to monitor, repair and enhance our inner bodies.

In the near future, optical sensors embedded beneath the skin will detect diseases, track and manage epidemics and perhaps even replace failing internal organs. Smart implants will help patients stay home, stay healthy and cut costs – revolutionizing healthcare.

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Internal cognitive

Brain boosters

Who wouldn’t want to improve their mental focus, expand their memory and make acquiring new knowledge and skills quicker and easier? By combining artificial intelligence and physiological interfaces, we can supercharge our potential.

For example, augmented reality interfaces on our personal devices and location-specific information will enable us to know more seamlessly. And spoken words translated into practically any language in real-time will allow us to communicate naturally without barriers.

digital retail

External cognitive

Real-world telekinesis

Augmented and virtual reality are already used to train surgeons and provide real-time surgical guidance. But the potential uses for the technology will expand at pace.

The impacts of augmented and virtual technology, such as gesture control, will affect almost every facet of our lives, from road safety to shopping. We are entering a more connected future.

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