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Employee blogs

Working at Nokia is a powerful experience, it has the ability to not only impact your professional career but also your own life path. Explore our employee blogs and hear first-hand how life at Nokia really feels.

Nokia employee vlog: Anni

Hi! I’m Anni. I’m a Customer Transformation Lead and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified. I’m also the Leader of the Young Professionals community in Finland which is a community that is very close to my heart. As a child I grew up all around the world, I have a very international background so does everybody else at Nokia. Ride along with me on a regular day at work!

Nokia employee vlog: Hitesham

Hi! I'm Hitesham. I joined Nokia in 2017. I joined Nokia because I have chance to be part of one of the coolest products, 5G. Today I'll show you around Nokia Paris site. Let's go!

Nokia employee vlog: Queca

Hi! I’m Queca. I’m responsible for Planning in Customer Support, Mobile Broadband. I’ve been working at Nokia for 17 years in 10 different positions. As a mother of three children, I’m able to manage my daily life while having an exciting career at Nokia. Let me show you my Nokia life!

Nokia employee vlog: Roberto

Hi, I’m Roberto. I’ve been working at Nokia for 12 years in five different countries. I want to show you how living and working in many different parts of the world has helped me grow both personally and professionally. See my last 12 years in two minutes!

Nokia employee vlog: Roopa

Hi, I’m Roopa. I want to show you how Nokia makes me feel empowered as an employee and also as a mother through flexible working and training.

Nokia employee vlog: Samuele

Hi, I’m Samuele and I’m responsible for Portfolio Marketing. I work at our Espoo campus in Helsinki, Finland. I’ve been at Nokia for 11 months and I feel like I’m always learning. I’ve been on three projects already and I’m part of the Nokia young professionals group. I’m mentored by two really great people who have been part of Nokia for some time. Let me show you around!

Nokia employee vlog: Erwan

Hi, I’m Erwan and I’m an engineer at Nokia Lannion campus in France. I have been working there for more than 6 years and I now lead a team of 15 people working on native applications for big data. Working at Nokia is a real opportunity to meet people from different organization, culture and experience. Let me show you my Nokia life!

Nokia employee vlog: Sakhira

Hi, I’m Sakhira and I’m a 5G engineer at Nokia Paris-Saclay campus in France. I have been working there for 2 years now and today I am doing tests on AirPhone, our mobile simulator.  At Nokia Paris-Saclay, I’m also part of the Nokia young people group. It’s pretty cool working here. Let me show you around!


Life at Nokia blogs

Read reflections from our employees about working life, ranging from first day nerves to decades of service.

My life at Nokia: Liu Guodong

"As R&D line manager I can feel that the agile principles are embedded into the new organization, with this we can make sure to offer a faster response to the market and guarantee the successful delivery of new products."

My life at Nokia: Jagreeti Hazarika

"It doesn’t matter if you started your job a month back fresh out of college, you will be heard and your opinion will be respected equally"

My life at Nokia: Craig Polk

"The networks I support impact the lives of so many people"

My life at Nokia: Noelia Cordero

“When people ask me what I value the most about Nokia I don’t hesitate to say that it is all about people and values”

My life at Nokia: Prince Attrams

“Nokia places a great deal of importance on innovation and that makes the company thrive”

My life at Nokia: Carla Muñoz Arellano

“For me making an impact and finding meaning in what I do is vital”

My life at Nokia: Karen Zinn-Amos

“I encourage any woman who wishes to pursue a career in technology to pursue her dreams”

My life at Nokia: Eve Jutras

“Nobody made any negative comments and everybody was fine with the fact that I had transitioned”