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Meet Paula, a Hiring Delivery Partner
from Colombia


A conversation with Paula: navigating a fulfilling career at Nokia

We had a chance to sit down with Paula Cuervo, an integral part of the Hiring Delivery Partners in the Americas at Nokia, to ask her to discuss Paula's professional life at Nokia, her experiences, contributions, and reflections.


Q: Paula, let's start with introductions. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself - your name, job title, and when you joined Nokia?

Paula: Certainly, I'm Paula Cuervo, I’m 28 and I graduated from psychology 3 years ago. I joined Nokia in April 2022. Prior to joining Nokia, I had been pursuing a career in HR in the tech industry. Joining Nokia was like a dream come true for me.

Q: Paula, we'd love to learn more about your career journey with Nokia. Could you provide some insights into your experiences so far, especially if you've worked in multiple countries?

Paula: It's incredible how time flies; it's been more than a year since I started my journey at Nokia. Despite the ups and downs, I've cherished every moment. I've been primarily based in Colombia, but six months after joining, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the Americas TA team in Dallas. We had the chance to network, build new friendships, tour, and share great stories with the fantastic people we work with every day.

Q: Paula, when you first joined Nokia, what was your initial impression, and what motivated you to choose Nokia for your career?

Paula: When I first joined Nokia, I was greeted by a somewhat different scenario - we were still wearing masks, and the office in Bogotá was surprisingly empty. However, as I began participating in more meetings, I realized that it was a unique setup, one that allowed us to work remotely and collaborate effectively with colleagues in the US, Canada, and Holland. I was drawn to Nokia because I saw it as a thriving tech company, and I wanted to be a part of the wave of tech excellence. A friend referred me here, and from my very first interview, I knew that this was the place I wanted to be.

Q: Can you describe your role at Nokia and the primary responsibilities you handle within the company?

Paula: As a Hiring Delivery Partner, I undertake various tasks within the TA team, serving as a point of contact for other entities to ensure our hiring processes run smoothly. My key stakeholders include Hiring Managers and Talent Attraction Partners. Also, I have attended several university fairs to share with new talents what Nokia is doing today, our culture, work ethics, and how the roles we offer are key to helping the world act together.


Q: Paula, could you share a key accomplishment, successful projects, or significant milestones that you've achieved during your time at the company?

Paula: Nokia truly values feedback, and I've found it to be a driving force in my work. Identifying certain gaps in our processes that were causing delays, I didn't hesitate to seek help. It's essential never to hesitate to ask for assistance when needed. After addressing the issue and collaborating with the right teams, we improved our processes, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. I love volunteering for new projects, I was able to be with the NextGen community during their first months in a series of meetings called ‘’Hackweek’’ which is great because I was able to introduce myself, share what I do and what Nokia does as an employer for new talents.

Q: How has Nokia supported your professional development through training, mentorship, or growth opportunities?

Paula: Nokia provides various tools for developing new skills, including training sessions. I particularly enjoy participating in optional training, which allows me to expand my knowledge beyond my core expertise.

Q: Have you encountered any challenges during your time at Nokia, and what lessons have you learned from them?

Paula: Challenges are a part of everyone's journey. When they arise unexpectedly, stressing doesn't help. I've learned to analyze the situation, identify the root cause, and determine what skills I need to develop. One significant challenge I faced was dealing with hire pauses, which were beyond my control. However, I focused on how to make the best use of my time, adding value to the team and Nokia.

Q: Can you tell us about your team dynamics, workplace culture, and how they contribute to your daily experience?

Paula: My Colombian team primarily works remotely, although we do meet at the office occasionally. Our shared generation plays a crucial role in facilitating interaction and conversation among us. We all share a common eagerness to learn, grow, and support our stakeholders.

Paula and her team

Q: Paula, how have your roles evolved over time, and what opportunities and advancements have you pursued within the company?

Paula: My role as a Hiring Delivery Partner has remained consistent since I joined, but I've witnessed some evolvement in this role. Tasks have evolved significantly over time, with our team continually brainstorming ideas to improve and add value. We must adapt quickly to changes and embrace new projects. I'm always eager to volunteer for new tasks, as I enjoy networking and meeting new colleagues.

Q: How do you feel your work has impacted the success of the company, and how does it affect people in their day-to-day lives?

Paula: In the TA and HDP team, we play a pivotal role in bringing talent to the organization, enabling the world to act together. Ensuring effective, accurate hiring processes with a positive candidate experience is how we add value to Nokia.

Q: Paula, how do your personal values align with Nokia’s?

Paula: Diversity and Inclusion have always been important to me, and I actively seek these qualities when considering new roles. Nokia's commitment to these values caught my attention during my research before the interview. Working in an environment where everyone is accepted, valued, and heard, regardless of nationality, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, is crucial. The level of respect we show each other here is remarkable, and diplomacy guides every conversation, regardless of the person's Job Grade.


Q: Paula, share your thoughts on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and how the company supports this aspect. And tell us about your hobbies too!

Paula: At Nokia, I've discovered a unique mode of working that allows me to balance my professional and personal life. I genuinely enjoy what I do, and being involved in different projects never feels like a sacrifice. If I ever need help, I know I can ask for it. It's perfectly okay to take a break when you need it. As for hobbies, I have the flexibility to open my computer at a later hour, so my work-life balance remains intact. Just so you know, I love working out and walking my dogs, and that has never changed or stopped.

Q: Can you recall memorable moments, events, or interactions that left a lasting impression on your career journey?

Paula: Certainly! The Americas TA - Dallas meeting was a memorable experience. Additionally, the employees' week at Bogota and the December EOY dinner stand out as occasions that left a lasting impression. I also ran 21k in the ‘’Media Maratón de Bogotá’’ with some colleagues, this was sponsored by Nokia, and I couldn’t enjoy it more, thank you for encouraging physical activities on us. 

Q: Paula, is there anyone you would like to express gratitude to in this conversation who has played a significant role in your career journey? This could be mentors, colleagues, friends, family, or anyone else.

Paula: There are so many people I'm grateful to, and the list would be quite long. Hanna Muller deserves special recognition for leading the team from a distance and being supportive, considering our voices. Amanda Gill's remarkable support to the HDP team is invaluable. Stephania Daza, who always has answers when questions arise, is a true asset. And, of course, my entire HDP team and LAT TAPs Sebastian, Fabiana, and Karla, all contribute to making this journey remarkable. I recently started working with AMC Campus TAPs and it’s just amazing what they do. Thank you to each and every one of them.

Q: We appreciate your valuable insights, Paula, and your journey at Nokia is truly inspiring. We wish you continued success.

Paula: Thank you for having me!

Paula and her team