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Meet Reshma, a Technical Content Designer
from India


Reshma’s Nokia Journey

Welcome to a captivating conversation with Reshma Janardanan, a Technical Content Designer at Nokia. In this discussion, we will explore Reshma's career journey, her experiences, and her profound contributions to Nokia.


Q: Hi Reshma, it's great to have you here. Let's start by getting to know you a bit. Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your role at Nokia? When did you join the company?

Reshma: Hi there! I'm Reshma Janardanan, and I work as a Technical Content Designer in the MN Customer Documentation team Aquarius, Nokia Bangalore, India.  I joined Alcatel-Lucent as an Information Developer in 2012 and continued in the same team when Nokia merged with the former Alcatel Lucent (fALU). The past 12 years have passed by in a jiffy. 

Q: That's quite a journey you've had. Can you walk us through your career at Nokia so far? Have you worked in multiple countries or taken on different roles?

Reshma: Absolutely. I was pursuing a teaching career before I enrolled in a short-term course and shifted to the Technical Writing profession in 2006. In the initial phase of my new career, I got the opportunity to work in different domains, such as Publishing, ERP, and CRM, for a couple of years before I joined Alcatel-Lucent. I was a novice in the telecom industry. I joined as an Information Developer, and the role transformed to Principal Information Developer, Technical Content Specialist and then to the current role, Technical Content Designer. 
I've had the opportunity to work on various projects such as OMC-RAN, SRAN, eDAT, and FHGW, and collaborate with both local and global teams, following different delivery processes, such as agile, scrum, and feature build. These exposures allowed me to acquire a wide range of competencies within the customer documentation team.

Q: It's always interesting to hear how people started their journey with a company. When you joined Nokia, what was your first impression, and what motivated you to join the company?

Reshma: Well, I must admit I was a bit sceptical in the beginning. Moving from a non-technical career to a technology-driven telecom company was both exciting and challenging , and I had the usual fears about proving my worth. But at the same time, my previous company was going through employee reduction plans, so I needed to find a more secure job. Very soon, I realized that I had landed in the ideal workplace as Nokia and the Customer Documentation team provided a rewarding environment to work, learn, grow, and have a balanced life.

Q: Can you tell us more about your current role and the primary responsibilities you handle at Nokia?

Reshma: Sure, I work as a Technical Content Designer with three other peers for a product called Fronthaul Gateway (FHGW). My primary responsibility involves creating documentation for new features, updating existing content, addressing change requests, managing fault issues, and publishing the documentation set on Discovery Center. I collaborate closely with the R&D team to gather and research technical and business information, conduct document reviews, and align with the Feature build (FB) methodology.

Reshma and her team

Q: It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Can you highlight a key accomplishment or successful project that stands out from your time at Nokia

Reshma: Well, every project I've worked on has brought in new associations and a feeling of togetherness when we work towards the same goal, which is a happy customer. The successful release milestones and the congratulatory emails from the project managers have given me a tremendous sense of satisfaction and recognition.

Creating or updating documents from available technical materials, extended discussions with the subject matter experts, abiding by the Nokia templates, style guide, and graphic guidelines, and ensuring that it is relevant and useful for the customer are the few aspects driving my work and I enjoy these tasks thoroughly. 

I also actively contribute to various workgroups and fault management, helping to streamline the processes for the global customer documentation team.

Q: It's great to see your contributions making an impact. How has Nokia supported your professional development through training, mentorship, or growth opportunities?

Reshma: Nokia has been instrumental in my professional growth. Working on global projects and collaborating with cross-country teams has expanded my skill set and expertise. Knowledge-sharing sessions on the latest innovations, new trends in the industry, and other insights in the larger documentation team have also been valuable learning experiences. Mentoring interns and new hires have enforced my confidence and passion for my work.

Q: Along the way, have you encountered any challenges at Nokia? If so, what did you learn from them?

Reshma: Absolutely, there have been challenges in every project. They vary from project complexity to changing customer requirements or difficulty in sourcing information. But what I've learned is that challenges are temporary, and over time, complexity tends to diminish. Feature scopes change and teams get realigned, but one must just stay resilient and move on with the flow.

Reshma and her team

Q: Can you tell us about the dynamic of your team and the workplace culture at Nokia? How does it contribute to your daily experience?

Reshma: We are a fantastic team of 17 members, and our Line Manager, Amulya Suraj, is both understanding and supportive. Many of us have been in the same team for more than a decade. The workplace culture is vibrant, with a blend of talented and energetic colleagues. We not only work together but also enjoy shared meals when in the office. We have weekly team meetings where we meet in person to discuss work status, company updates, yammer posts, and telecom news. We also have a “Funworks” workgroup that ensures camaraderie with the larger team.

Q: Your work definitely seems to have a significant impact. How do you feel your work has contributed to Nokia's success and the day-to-day experience of people?

Reshma: Customer documentation plays a crucial role in our deliverables, and our customers rely on it to get their software up and running. Providing technically accurate content in simple English is essential. Any errors in documentation can impact customer satisfaction and Nokia's business, making my role extremely important.

Q: It's clear that your work is vital to the company's success. Can you share how your personal values align with Nokia's values?

Reshma: In both my personal and professional life, I strongly believe in values like Integrity and Openness. I'm working towards being more Fearless and Empowered.

Reshma Family Image

Q: Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial. How do you balance work and personal life, and how has Nokia supported this aspect? Also, tell us about your hobbies!

Reshma: As any other employee, a healthy work-life balance is essential for me, and I make sure to set aside some "Me time" every day. I listen in to the sessions organized by the Health and Wellbeing at Nokia group, after which I have started practising mindfulness to get rid of negative thoughts, and have better control over my mind.

I relish the diverse flavors of Indian cuisine, biriyani and desserts being my all-time favorite. I make conscious efforts to engage in some form of physical activity. I enjoy my morning walks listening to interesting podcasts, also do yoga and home workouts a few days in the week, encourage myself to climb the stairs to get to my seat on the 7th floor during my office days.

My pet dog, Simba, is a great stress buster. I love nature, I spend time with finches at home, have a mini aquarium, and tend to a small garden with fruit trees, flowers, and plants. I enjoy reading, watching realistic movies with human touch, and travelling with family and friends.

Q: It sounds like you have a well-rounded approach to life. Can you recall any memorable moments, events, or interactions that have left a lasting impression on your career journey at Nokia?

Reshma: I've worked with enthusiastic and outstanding team members throughout my time at Nokia, and there have been so many memorable interactions that I can't pick just one.

Q: It's always great to have a supportive team. Lastly, is there anyone you'd like to express gratitude to who has helped you along your career path? Mentors, colleagues, friends, or family perhaps?

Reshma: I've been fortunate to have had supportive managers, mentors, colleagues, friends, and family members throughout my journey. It's a long list, but I'm truly grateful for all of them.

Reshma and her family

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add that we haven't covered in our questions?

Reshma: It’s a privilege to be featured on the Nokia Careers webpage. I would wholeheartedly acknowledge and appreciate the Nokia culture of Diversity and Inclusion and the values of StrongHER for this opportunity. It's been a wonderful journey at Nokia, and it feels great to remember the good times so far and hope for a good life ahead.

I will take this opportunity to thank my ex-managers, Sugandha Joshi and Shobhana Narayan, for hiring and entrusting me with the complex projects that gave me this level of experience. 

Thanks to my team for all the happy vibes.

I am ever grateful to my family and the entire support system back home for giving me the space and holding up when I switched careers and found my foot in Nokia.