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Meet Stefanos, a Software Engineer from Greece


A conversation with Stefanos, a Software Engineer from Greece

Meet Stefanos, a Software Engineer at Nokia Greece. In this short interview, we delve into his career journey, impressions of Nokia, and his experiences within the company. It's a tale of personal growth, professional development, and making strides in the world of technology at Nokia.

Q: Let's begin with introductions, Stefanos. Could you please tell us about yourself - your name, job title, and when you joined Nokia?

Stefanos: Certainly. I'm Stefanos, and I've been working at Nokia Greece as a Software Engineer since December 2021. I'm excited to share my journey with you.

Q: Stefanos, we'd love to know more about your career journey with Nokia. Could you walk us through your experiences so far? Have you just joined us, or have you worked in multiple countries, for instance?

Stefanos: To this day, I've held the same role I started with, but my responsibilities and duties have certainly expanded over time.

Q: When you first joined Nokia in 2021, what were your initial impressions, and what motivated you to choose Nokia for your career?

Stefanos: My first impression of Nokia was awe-inspiring. Joining such a renowned telecom giant right out of university was a dream come true. I believed it was the ideal place to lay a solid foundation for my career.

Q: Can you describe your role at Nokia and the primary responsibilities you handle within the company?

Stefanos: My work revolves around the Continuous Integration and Feature Testing Domains. My daily tasks include testing new software images, creating automated test cases, and enhancing existing ones to ensure our products run smoothly.


Q: Could you highlight a key accomplishment, successful projects, or significant milestones that you've achieved during your time at Nokia?

Stefanos: When I joined the team in December 2021, our lab equipment had been operational for four months, but it wasn't entirely stable. Dealing with various issues like malfunctioning machines, signal interference, and ad-hoc testing was a defining experience. Overcoming these challenges was a key milestone in my career.

Q: How has Nokia supported your professional development through training, mentorship, or growth opportunities?

Stefanos: Nokia is very supportive of professional development. The company offers numerous training opportunities through the learning hub, allowing employees to expand their knowledge. Additionally, daily work activities provide practical learning experiences.

Q: Have you faced any challenges during your time at Nokia, and what did you learn from them?

Stefanos: In the world of programming, challenges are a daily occurrence, and it's essential to investigate and resolve them. Online research is a fundamental tool for overcoming these problems.

Q: Tell us about your team dynamics, workplace culture, and how they contribute to your daily experience.

Stefanos: Communication and collaboration are at the core of my team. Building good personal relationships and maintaining mutual respect among team members is vital for effective collaboration, contributing to maximum team effectiveness.

Q: How have your roles evolved over time, and what opportunities and advancements have you pursued within the company?

Stefanos: Over time, I've taken on more tasks and responsibilities. Initially, I worked closely with older colleagues, but now I manage many tasks independently.

Q: How do you feel your work has impacted the success of the company, and how does it affect people in their day-to-day lives?

Stefanos: I believe my work plays a small but significant role in the company's overall goal, which is to provide telecommunications services that enhance people's lives. Each successfully completed task brings the company one step closer to that goal.

Stefanos and his team
Stefanos and his team

Q: How do your personal values align with Nokia's?

Stefanos: Nokia is a company that values diversity and principles like integrity, trustworthiness, support, and accountability. These align seamlessly with my personal values, making me feel like I'm working alongside a company that shares my principles.

Q: Share your thoughts on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and how the company supports this aspect. Tell us about your hobbies too!

Stefanos: Work-life balance is crucial, and Nokia encourages employees to disconnect from work and allocate time for themselves and their families. As for my hobbies, I'm an avid sports enthusiast, enjoying activities like long-distance running, cycling, basketball, and the occasional reading session to feed my curiosity.

Q: Can you recall memorable moments, events, or interactions that left a lasting impression on your career journey?

Stefanos: There have been memorable moments in my journey, like a one-day trip with my work group to Chalkida and an exciting basketball event organized by my team. These experiences have strengthened our relationships and offered a lot of fun.

Q: Thanks for taking us through your career at Nokia so far Stefanos, we wish you all the best and continued success.

Stefanos: My pleasure, thanks for having me.