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Feel empowered

We are a global company, but we want everyone to feel like an individual and not like just another employee. Our values are respect, achieve, challenge and renewal and those values influence our culture day to day.

We understand that our people have lives beyond Nokia. We work hard - but provide flexible ways to manage the balance between your work and your life.

Our leadership style is democratic and accessible, rooted in ethics and operates in a non-hierarchical way that is open, transparent and fair. There are many opportunities, both formal and informal, for you to engage with the leadership team, from online virtual discussion rooms to face-to-face town hall meetings.

Your career development matters to us and you’ll be given the opportunity to develop your strengths and learn new things. We recognize that everyone’s learning ambitions are different. We’ll provide you with access to online training programs and initiatives and we’ll encourage you to discuss your growth and development with your line manager. It’s why we have a program that facilitates manager discussion sessions every 90 days to specifically discuss your career development and other key topics.

We are committed to providing an inclusive workplace, driving positive social change and respecting everyone’s equal rights and fair treatment. It’s why we have a strong focus on inclusion and it’s why we signed the United Nations Standards of Conduct for Business in 2018.

Working at Nokia we provide you with a learning culture and support you in your personal development and career growth.

Come and feel engaged