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Cooperative studies in Germany

Together with selected universities (currently the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), the Nuremberg Tech – Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, the Hochschule München – university of applied sciences and the Technische Hochschule Ulm), Nokia is offering several cooperative bachelor courses, ranging from applied computer science and communication engineering to business administration.

The cooperative study concept offers a unique way of achieving a bachelor degree in Germany:

  • Your studies will be split into two terms per semester: a theoretical phase with lectures at the dual partner university and one phase to apply your knowledge practically at Nokia, your cooperating company.
  • You will be both a trainee of Nokia and a student at the dual partner university.
  • For the duration of your studies, you will receive a fixed salary, guaranteeing your financial independence.
  • You will enjoy contributing to real projects, build your own network and be part of the Nokia family from the very start.

For more information on our dual partners look here:

Why choose Nokia?

It is simple. At Nokia, you will benefit from four decades of experience with the cooperative system. We have been one of the founding companies of the demanding, yet rewarding cooperative studies system born in 1972. Since then, the program has been developed further over the years. With 40 years of alumni backing up the new cooperative students, you will get valuable support to make your dual studies a success.

With us, you can develop new technologies and always discover new opportunities. We are convinced that it is the individual skills and interests of the team members that make a winning team. Therefore, you are always involved in the decision-making process where your next practical phase will lead you. Through this freedom, we guarantee an individual and tailored education which doesn’t only bring forward your professional, but also your personal development.



Bachelor of Engineering: Electrical Engineering – Telecommunications
Technology is your passion. Maybe you have even dissembled your smartphone to see how it works and now you are eager to improve the network it used to connect to? Electrical engineers at Nokia mainly focus on developing new and improving existing setups for the equipment at the bottom layer of communication technologies. You are going to handle sensitive electronic devices, test new setups and provide valuable support to our customers.

Bachelor of Science: Business Informatics – International Management for Business and Information Technology
You are ready to deal with the challenge to handle a broad range of disciplines from business administration to computer science?. Then choose this course and help us to make concepts for optimized connected systems in our global environment.

Bachelor of Arts: Business Administration - Service Management
You are a creative person with exceptional social skills. You are definitely interested in technology, but prefer working intensely with people rather than pondering over very tricky schematics. Then business administration is the field of study to choose.

Bachelor of Science: Applied Computer Science
Computers have become second nature to you? You are not afraid of working on challenging and precise problems concerning the code applied on an electronic device? At Nokia, you will be able to work on interesting software solutions for our communicational networks including programming the transition of different types of signals or the mechanisms the devices are interacting with each other. 

Bachelor of Engineering: Business Administration and Engineering Electrical Engineering
Engineering managers are, much like business computer scientists, jacks of all trades. You are getting to learn about business management, but the main part of your studies will be about electrical engineering and engineering in general including related subjects as well as soft skills and management training. You will most likely be at the interface between customers and full-fledged engineers, knowing enough to find your way through both worlds.



We believe in diversity.  

As the principles of diversity, parity and equality are imperative for us, we equally address candidates of all genders. Of course, we also look forward to receiving applications from disabled people.


Join us

As our dual partners have special admission requirements, this study program can only be offered for German-speaking people with a German university entrance qualification.  

We are always looking for young and talented people. You can find all our opportunities by clicking here for 2023, here for 2024 or on our company page on Linkedin.

If you are interested in applying or have any questions, call us: +49 711 821 1287 or write a mail to


Meet our people


Sarah Weippert

Head of vocational training Germany

The brand Nokia stands for change, evolution and innovation – from a paper mill to a wire producer, and later to a global market leader for mobile phones. Nokia today is one of the leading providers for telecommunication-equipment: we supply big and small network operators, public authorities as well as big companies with mobile and fixed network technologies, IP and optical communication technologies and the corresponding software. If you are interested in an internationally experienced partner with know-how and established structures, but also want to go your own individual way in a technologically leading corporation and are ready to take the ownership of your career, we are looking forward to your application. 



Student of Electrical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)

“Studying electrical engineering at Nokia means to me, contributing to a corporate, interconnected future, in which 5G and the Internet of Things aren’t wishful thinking no more. Nokia as a company offers me the opportunity to unfold and develop myself, all while translating the theoretical knowledge I gained at the DHBW into reality.”



Student of Applied Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)

“For me, a cooperative study was the right thing, because I could constantly bring in the knowledge acquired at the DHBW. As such, I was able to connect the theoretical background with reality, as well as learning by doing. I also think it is very important to be part of a continuously developing system, always extending and improving their technologies, to be successful. Nokia combines these aspects.”