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Career opportunities in Russia

Career opportunities in Russia

Nokia is leading the 5G revolution: Developing and deploying wireless network technologies that will shape the next industrial revolution and helping the world act together. 

We offer opportunities that allow you to collaborate globally, inspire you to innovate, empower you to succeed and engage you every day.

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We constantly open positions for trainees, fresh graduates and experienced talents.
If you are interested in working in a global telecommunications company, with novel and innovative solutions,
please visit our job offerings in the below link.

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Nokia in Russia

  • Several decades of active participation in telecom development projects in Russia and all over the world.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of 5G solutions.
  • Joint projects with leading telecom operators and other players of IT and telecom market in Russia.
  • Cooperation with leading Russian Universities.

Our sites in Russia


Moscow is our Head office in Russia with representatives of all Nokia business groups, sales and customer service functions. One of important focuses of Nokia activities in Moscow is cooperation with the innovation center “Skolkovo” in the areas of LTE, 5G, cloud technologies, virtualization, Internet of Things, robotization and security including Nokia Skolkovo lab.


In Voronezh we have Global Service Center, where our experts work with customers, ensuring the highest quality of communication services and uninterrupted operation of networks’ equipment.

Saint Petersburg

In Saint Petersburg Nokia has its R&D Technology Center, IP and Optics Customer Engineering and other teams. R&D Technology Center has 20+ years of R&D operation in mobile telecommunication technologies and more than 200 employees and the team is actively growing. It focuses on 5G and 4G in both RAN and Core and offers different career opportunities: SW development, Architecture, Research, Specification, Algorithms, Integration & Testing, Project / Program / Product Management, Product Maintenance, Customer Support. R&D Team - it is Agile way of working, Continuous Integration and Testing, DevOps, Automation and more.

Our teams are working in three main areas:

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solution team it is more than 70 engineers, delivering solution and services for Enterprise customers, with focus on developing innovative product - Nokia Digital Automation Cloud product:

  • Compact, universal and easy-to-operate 4G/5G core solution for private networks.
  • High Accuracy Positioning product development, including software, hardware and firmware.

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud - Create your own private network

Radio Access Network (physical layer/L1)

R&D team working on cutting edge technology in the area of mobile communication. Focusing on implementation of physical layer (L1) functionality of 3GPP protocol for 5G and 4G base stations. Full range of activities and responsibilities, including architecture and design, software Implementation, testing, Continuous Integration and DevOps. Work includes both product development and forward-looking innovation and research. 

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L1 Architecture and Specification (L1 A&S)

We ensure Nokia leadership in 5G and 6G base stations through effective software architecture, clear specifications and state of the art algorithms. We provide product management and physical layer (L1) R&D teams with data for smooth and effective planning, development, verification and deployment of Nokia products. We shape the vision of future technologies.

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"I joined Nokia when I was a student and in the past 16 years, I’ve had a chance to enter different roles. I was a developer, scrum master, product owner and I was part of various international projects with colleagues from all over the world. I am still so excited to work with talented, open minded and easygoing people.

At Nokia, we value the atmosphere of trust and mutual support and I believe that Nokia offers great career development as well: there are endless ways to develop and grow and the more energy and motivation you have, the more you get in return."

- Olga Bochkareva, Saint Petersburg


"I joined Nokia in 2010 as Project Manager for Radio Planning and Optimization services. I have been developing my career in Nokia taking the roles of Program manager for Deploy services, Head of Services department for a large account, and currently I am also in the role of CEO of Nokia Service Company in Russia. Throughout all this time I’ve been working very closely with leading mobile operators in our country.  

What I value most in Nokia, are the social comfort and opportunities to develop. I feel social protection and high ethical standards, as well clear expectations setting and performance evaluation. The Company supports us in building trust and confidence within the teams, gives the freedom to take professional challenges and to choose the best way to success and also, to be responsible for what we do and how we develop our career in the company."

- Andrey Lezhnin, Moscow

If you are ready for professional challenges, continuous self-development and if you are dreaming to create technologies
that help the world act together - you have all the chances to become a part of our Nokia Team! 

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