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Nokia NextGEN Community

nextGEN students

Are you an Early Career Professional?

Open your mind and learn more about the NextGEN Community.

The NextGEN is a community for all graduates at Nokia to connect regardless of region, role, or business group.   
We aim to provide you with an immersive experience offering active engagement, networking opportunities, and valuable learning alongside industry experts and more experienced Nokia employees.  

In 2023, we launched our Next Gen experience across the globe

For the first time in our history, we have built a community of early career members in 20 countries across three continents.

We welcome the powerful ideas and fresh thinking you bring to the business and embrace our generational diversity.

What can you expect?

Monthly events featuring a range of topics based on your interests, coaching and mentoring opportunities, external volunteering initiatives, and so much more. 

We provide a space for informal chats with senior leaders and talented individuals to gain insights about Nokia. We support knowledge sharing to maximize professional growth and upskilling of Early Career Talents at Nokia.


nextGEN students

Connect personally with Lindsey, the NextGEN Ambassador, to ask about life at Nokia

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NextGEN events


Nokia held it's first-ever global hackweek. The week was designed to fast-track the NextGEN early careers professionals to understand more about Nokia and how to navigate the world of work.

Skills workshops were hosted by teams around Nokia to discuss topics such as growing your career at Nokia, problem-solving techniques, delivering creative presentations, building personal brands, and many more. 

Brainstorming events

One example is a brainstorming session for ideas on what spaces our new Ottawa office should include. Our NextGENs, experienced Nokians and Ottawa Early Careers team shared ideas on collaborative spaces, meeting rooms, and outdoor spaces. 

Murray Hill Event

Our NextGEN Murray Hill Ambassador, Lindsey, supporting the MH Club and Group Showcase event that will consist of information tables for each club, ERG, etc. Each group supported bringing together the employees to promote community.

Women in Tech Event

Women in Tech event hosted by StrongHer Canada (our Employee Resource Group focusing on closing the gender gap in technology) to support career development. NextGEN members were able to attend for insights and advice for navigating their careers.

Executive Experience Center

NextGENs in Dallas listening to a walkthrough about our end-to-end portfolio of products and services at the Executive Experience Center.

NextGEN Foosball

NextGEN Murayhill event where they networked, and brainstormed future event ideas while checking out the games room. 

NextGENs at Yankees

NexGENs at the Yankees baseball game together. They had a great time cheering on the Yankees and all managed to snag a free game voucher for 2024 too.

NextGEN & greenscreen room

Testing the greenscreen room that transported us to a school hallway in seconds.

Dallas Networking

NextGENs in Dallas at a Networking event hosted by the Talent Attraction Team.

Halloween Contest

NextGENs taking part in the Halloween Contest in Dallas.

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