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Opportunities in France

Join us in France and create the technology to connect the world

Nokia France plays a key role in developing the company's future products and technologies. The Paris-Saclay (in the greater Paris region) and Lannion (in Brittany) campuses are home to global competence centers for 5G, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things. France is also the second largest site for Nokia Bell Labs.


Paris-Saclay campus


Lannion campus

Nokia employee vlog: Hitesham

Hi! I'm Hitesham. I joined Nokia in 2017. I joined Nokia because I have chance to be part of one of the coolest products, 5G. Today I'll show you around Nokia Paris site. Let's go!

Nokia employee vlog: Sakhira

Hi, I’m Sakhira and I’m a 5G engineer at Nokia Paris-Saclay campus in France. I have been working there for 2 years now and today I am doing tests on AirPhone, our mobile simulator. It’s pretty cool working here. Let me show you around!

Feel encouraged to innovate

Be a step ahead. Our people and technology have been at the forefront of every major shift in the way the world communicates and connects.




Be part of open and agile innovation. Nokia's innovation strategy is based on "openness" and is enriched by collaboration with various innovation ecosystems (schools, universities, research institutes, competitiveness clusters, companies, start-ups and more). 

Join a community of state-of-the-art solution developers, architects and integrators. With thousands of R&D engineers in France we are developing 5G technologies, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things; technologies which are at the heart of our ultra-connected world.

Nokia employee Vlog: Erwan (Lannion)

Hello, I’m Erwan. I’m working in Nokia Lannion in France for more than six years and I will show you my day as an engineer. I will even show you where I go running at lunch time and one of my favorite places, which is “Le Garage”, a place where you can brainstorm your ideas or just have a coffee and feel at home.

Nokia Bell Labs

Inventing the future of the communications and network sector and imagining disruptive innovations which will transform human experience. With already 9 Bell Labs Nobel Prize winners, our Nokia Bell Labs research engineers are at the origin of many revolutionary inventions from the transistor, the laser, and even the development of the C programming language. In France, researchers work on optical transmission, algorithms, network virtualization, data analysis and the mathematics of complex and dynamic networks. 

Optics lab

work space


Nokia Garage

The Nokia Garage is an employee-centric innovation playground on the Paris-Saclay and Lannion campuses. It is a place for employees and external partners to share ideas and foster grassroot innovation, helping innovators fueled with passion to team up across organizational silos. A Garage helps bring ideas to reality, inviting employees to prototype their ideas and test them in the real world.  

le garage

le garage



Start-up in Residence

A space on our Paris-Saclay and Lannion campuses to host start-up and develop projects collaboration with our teams and enrich each other. An open innovation platform is available to our ecosystem to help accelerate innovation.




Feel the potential of a career without borders

Join Nokia and realize your potential in a stimulating international environment, conducive to innovation and creativity. We are hiring:

  • IT and telecom software development engineers
  • Cybersecurity experts
  • Researchers

Human 5G Nokia at Paris-Saclay

It is part of our culture to train young people and integrate them into our teams. Every year we recruit nearly 400 young people for internships, apprenticeships, French international corporate volunteer positions (VIE), and research projects ... as you can see, we offer many ways to develop your expertise.

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Nokia Roving Reporter

Nokia employees on our Paris-Saclay talk about what diversity - in all its forms - means in practice and how embracing it creates a more stimulating work environment. Our employees are proud of our diverse workforce.

Feel energized every day





Creativity needs stimulation, fulfilment and relaxation so, at Nokia, we take extra good care of our work environment!

  • Training on the latest and greatest technological innovations and developing expertise;
  • Contributing to the development of technologies that have a positive impact on people’s lives;
  • A collaborative and multicultural workplace, enabling new ideas and cross fertilization;
  • Striving towards a better work/life balance with 70% of our employees who telework at least one day per week;
  • A commitment to diversity in all its forms;
  • Numerous internal events and group creativity sessions;
  • Many services to help employees in their daily life: a concierge, a gym, “Auchan Drive” (an on-campus supermarket pick-up service), WIFI connected shuttle buses. 


Auchan drive


Do you want to help create tomorrow’s connected world and develop technologies which will transform the human experience?  Come join us at Nokia!