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Trainee opportunities in Finland

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Do you want to put your knowledge to work, add new skills and contribute to create technology that helps the world act together? At Nokia Finland we constantly open positions for trainees and thesis workers.

Our trainee opportunities will give you first-hand experience at what a career at Nokia looks like. A trainee experience in Nokia Finland is an unforgettable journey to help you grow your career path. You will have the opportunity to work with next generation technologies to design products and solutions that will shape the future.  

Finland is a key location for research, development, and manufacturing. There are three sites in Finland: Oulu, Tampere, and our headquarters in Espoo. We are a community of more than 6000 people representing 68 nationalities.  

All three sites, located close to major technical universities, play a significant role in advanced technology development and in creating products and solutions for mobile networks as well as management systems. Finland also hosts Nokia Technologies which focuses on our licensing business, covering patent, brand, and technology. In addition, Finland is a key location for Nokia Bell Labs.

Each site in Finland has its own focus area: Espoo is the end-to-end mobile solutions center; Oulu specializes in the radio technologies; and Tampere is the home of network management and leading SoC development.  

Read more about our three sites in Finland.

Are you passionate about programming or ready to get your hands dirty in hardware? Are you eager to take a sneak peek into the future of technology or business?  Go and check our wide range of trainee opportunities.

Meet Our Talents

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