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19 – 21 Nov, 2019

Smart City Expo World Congress 2019

Smart city

Gran via venue - Fira, Barcelona, Spain

Join NOKIA at Booth # B249

Nokia will showcase our ‘city as a platform’ in action, using a new approach that allows us to scale smart city projects, break silos and unleash innovation. Perhaps more importantly, it will be a unique occasion for us to discuss how this new approach can serve your city, in ways that maximize the socioeconomic outcomes you can generate from such initiatives.

Nokia Speaker


Suparno Banerjee,
Vice President of Public Sector and Smart Cities,

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 – 11:30am – 1:30pm

Theme Rooms

Inclusive & Sharing Cities

Bridging the Gap / Ensuring Digital, Social and Gender Inclusion
accessible cities; gender parity; ageing population; kids; inclusive social policies; equity


Demo 1 – Connected city

In this demo you will experience how a connected, digital city can better anticipate, react and recover from a natural disaster. This use case illustrate how Nokia city as a platform approach allows to bring together and orchestrate innovative real-time digital services, that span across the city and help them solve bigger challenges.

Demo 2 – 5G for cities

5G will play a key role to fuel digital innovation in many cities domains and as such will be a key foundation to their development. In this demo we’ll look at:

  • new city services enabled by 5G,
  • The role cities can play to facilitate 5G deployment and further develop their infrastructure.
  • LuxTurrim5G, a Nokia Bell Labs driven ecosystem project developing and demonstrating 5G network based on smart light poles and tested in Espoo.

Demo 3 – Integrated Operation Center

Nokia’s Integrated Operations Center (IOC) for smart cities enables unified smart city asset management and efficient orchestrated operations while delivering tailor-made end-to-end use cases based on cross-application data sharing, analytics and automation. Complex coordination efforts are minimized ensuring rapid reliable delivery of smart city services.

Demo 4 – Scene analytics platform

Digital value platforms will play the essential role of turning raw data into meaningful insight for city services. Nokia scene analytics open platform can:

  • Transform a CCTV camera into a multi-purpose sensor thanks to AI powered analytics,
  • Easily incorporate other sensors and 3rd party algorithms to fuel many city services, such as tunnel surveillance or rest/stop areas surveillance developed with Room40, a small hi-tech enterprise, for Belgium cities.

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