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Nokia demonstrated 5G New Radio standard compliant interoperability tests with Intel in China

21, September, 2018

Nokia has recently successfully performed 5G New Radio (5GNR) standard compliant interoperability testing with Intel for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China.

In MIIT's 5G technology phase III test Nokia and Intel successfully verified interoperability between a Nokia AirScale commercial 5GNR standard-compliant base station and the Intel® 5G Mobile Trial Platform, helping to accelerate the development of the industry as a whole across vendors and toward 5G’s commercial launch in China.

Nokia was the only vendor using third-party 5G user equipment (UE), including device simulation instruments and 5G device prototypes based on chipsets, from the beginning of MIIT's 5G technology phase III test. With its partners, Nokia conducted 3GPP-compliant IoDT (interoperability and development testing): e.g. 4G and 5G dual connection data call tests, 5G SU downlink peak rate tests, and others. Nokia is aiming to push the maturity of interoperability between base stations and devices to best prepare for the commercial deployment of 5G, while supporting the commercial progress of chipsets, devices and the network at the same time.