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Telefónica Spain boosts network performance with visibility and automation from Nokia Deepfield analytics

Press Release

  • Visibility enables Telefónica Spain to troubleshoot its Fusión network in real time and ensure optimal customer experience
  • Nokia Deepfield insights allow network engineers to quickly adapt to changes in application demand and fluctuating traffic patterns
  • Automating cloud and network analytics will significantly improve service assurance and performance for internet video and pay TV subscribers

30th May 2019

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced Telefónica Spain will use the Deepfield Cloud Intelligence analytics solution to improve user experience and troubleshoot content delivery in real time. Nokia Deepfield will equip Telefónica Spain with previously unattainable visibility into application and service traffic on its network. This provides vital, data-driven insight and analytics into the capacity being used and enables automated actions to significantly improve service assurance and performance.

Online video consumption continues to surge worldwide, with customers expecting the highest quality of experience for gaming and video streaming services. In Spain, specifically, regulator CNMC reported three out of ten households consume online content as of 2018, with approximately 5.9 million online video subscribers in the country. In addition, although cloud applications and services make up more than 60% of global network traffic today, according to Deepfield's analytics, providers have had very limited insight into application traffic running on their networks or the impact network performance has on end-user applications and subscriber experience to-date.

Telefónica is responding to these challenges with an ambitious automation strategy, relying on Nokia Deepfield software for its automated cloud and network analytics for real-time, actionable insights on network performance and quality of experience. Nokia Deepfield provides Telefónica with an unrivaled view of each network path and the aggregated traffic running to and through it with Nokia's unique Cloud Genome® technology, which tracks more than 50,000 popular cloud applications and over-the-top services.
The insights provided by Nokia Deepfield allow network engineers to quickly adapt to changes in application demand and fluctuating traffic patterns by supporting advanced IP network engineering and assurance use cases with automation

Javier Gutiérrez, Director of Strategy and Network and IT Development at Telefónica Spain, said: "Telefónica is transforming its IP network (Fusión network as it has been named), to introduce automation capabilities. A detailed knowledge of network and service performance, in real-time, is required to truly achieve the benefits of automation. The Nokia Deepfield solution gives us the necessary network visibility and actionable analytics that will allow us to automate our operations and continue to improve our network and service capabilities."

Kevin Macaluso, General Manager of Nokia Deepfield, said: "By correlating the Deepfield Cloud Genome® "map of the internet" with telemetry network data, Nokia provides operators with visibility into video services and cloud applications performance throughout their network, all in software - without the need for expensive probes, taps and monitors in the network itself. This allows Nokia customers to insightfully drive automation for greater network efficiency to help assure quality and enhance security."

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