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Nokia announces new training and certifications to bring 5G to life

Press Release

Nokia announces new training and certifications to bring 5G to life

  • Certifications highlight the potential of 5G to revolutionize industries from manufacturing to transportation, to healthcare
  • 22,000 registrations for first two courses since launch in 2020


3 March 2021

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced the introduction of two new professional level 5G certifications. Industrial Automation Networks and Distributed Cloud Networks are part of Nokia’s program to train and certify industry professionals on 5G technology, from network access to application management.

Since their launch last year, registrations for the first two courses in Nokia’s 5G learning program totaled more than 22,000 globally across many industries. Building on this successful foundation, the new certifications highlight the potential of 5G to revolutionize industries from manufacturing to transportation, to healthcare and more. The Nokia 5G Readiness Report found that by 2030, 5G will deliver $8trn in value globally to businesses, economies and societies.Together, the Distributed Cloud Networks and Industrial Automation Networks trainings reveal how 5G can greatly improve industry performance. Its enhanced speed and ultra reliable low latency produces tangible increases in safety, productivity and efficiency.

As with the rest of the courses in its 5G Certification Program, Nokia uses compelling, real-life examples of how 5G enables Industrial Automation, such as Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in a manufacturing environment. Building on this example, the Distributed Cloud Networks course demonstrates the power of cloud computing at the edge, essential for managing the real-time pinpoint movement of AMRs through a confined manufacturing space . 

Sergio Fasce, Vice President of People Services, the learning and development branch of Nokia, said: “Over the next five years, 71% of companies will invest in 5G technology – with the potential to add $8 trillion in value to businesses, economies and societies globally by 2030. The 5G Certification program gives business leaders and technology professionals a competitive advantage, helping them to plan and adapt their business processes to take advantage of Industry 4.0 and turn much-discussed concepts of smart cities, autonomous vehicles, virtual learning and remote healthcare into impactful realities”

As a leader in the creation of critical networks and technologies, Nokia helps individuals and businesses fully understand the potential of 5G. The Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification Program, accessible from the Nokia website, focuses on the knowledge and skills professionals need to make the most of 5G’s capabilities today and in the future. Gaining a certification by passing the associated exam will establish industry-recognized professional credentials. Two additional professional level certifications in Network Slicing and Secure Networks will be released later in 2021. Each course has approximately a 6-hour run time which can be completed at the learner’s own pace.

Nokia’s momentum in 5G is underpinned by the company’s continued leadership in cellular technology R&D and standardization. In November 2020, Nokia announced it had declared more than 3,500 5G patent families as essential for 5G. Driven by world-class innovations from across the organization, including the renowned Nokia Bell Labs, it has played a leading role in contributing technologies to 5G, working with 3GPP to establish 5G standards and enabling the rollout of 5G networks.

·Website: Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification Program website

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