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Nokia supplies optical transport network solution for NL-ix

Press Release

Nokia supplies optical transport network solution for NL-ix

  • Nokia’s optical networking portfolio will enable NL-ix to deploy higher capacity backbone links across Europe
  • NL-ix will benefit from reduced operating expenses and optimized capital expenditures

14 September 2021

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced it will upgrade the optical transport network for NL-ix, Europe’s largest distributed internet exchange, to provide metro access and backbone transport for all NL-ix customer traffic across Europe. NL-ix customers will benefit significantly from the upgrade as it enables multi-terabit optical links to significantly increase capacity between its European POPs.

Nokia will supply its optical transport solutions to provide a new optical layer over NL-ix’s meshed interconnection fabric to enable seamless capacity growth link scaling. The new network will support client services from 1 Gigabit per second (Gb/sec) to 400 Gb/sec. NL-ix will also benefit from reduced operating expenses and optimized capital expenditures through simplified and streamlined end-to-end service operations.

Jan Paul Dekker, CTO at NL-ix, said: “This strategic partnership with Nokia highlights NL-ix’s commitment to delivering even higher capacity pan-European optical links between our POPs in the Netherlands and beyond. The modularity of Nokia’s next-generation optical transport solutions enables us to adapt and respond quickly to market demand and provide an even better quality of service and connectivity experiences for our customers. Nokia is a proven and trusted partner and is our preferred choice to transform our European optical backbone network.”

Mark Vanderhaegen, Director of Webscale Accounts at Nokia, said: “NL-ix is growing fast and attracting new members to become one of the largest internet exchanges in the world. The growth in international interconnection needs of its customers means that NL-ix requires higher capacity links between its European locations. Nokia is proud to have been chosen to provide its market-leading WDM/OTN technology and solutions to upgrade NL-ix’s optical transport network.”

Nokia’s broad portfolio of optical networking hardware and software will be used for the upgrade. This includes the Nokia 1830 PSS (Photonic Service Switch) and the Nokia PSI-M (Photonic Service Interconnect – Modular) family of WDM/OTN platforms, powered by its PSE-3s (Photonic Service Engine) coherent DSP technology.



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