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Nokia unveils its first fixed wireless access device compatible with Japan’s Local 5G specification

Press Release

Nokia unveils its first fixed wireless access device compatible with Japan’s Local 5G specification

  • Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2 Japanese model is first device to support Local 5G use cases
  • Designed to accelerate industry 4.0 adoption and realize Japan’s Local 5G band enterprise use cases

13 October 2021

Tokyo, Japan – Nokia today announced the launch of its first 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) broadband gateway designed to operate with Japan’s Local 5G specification. The FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2 Japanese model will be available in January 2022.

Local 5G is a government backed initiative aimed at increasing 5G and digital transformation (DX) adoption for businesses and local authorities by making licensed spectrum available at a nominal fee. The Nokia 5G Gateway 3.2 meets the requirements of the local 5G bands necessary for operating in this unique environment.   

Kento Miyaoku, General Manager of Smart10X Business Management Department at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation, said: "We believe that local 5G is the network that will make a significant contribution to the realization of DX in the industrial world. In particular, we have high expectations for the systems that will be realized by the support of semi-synchronization TDD operation, which is unique to local 5G. With the Nokia 5G Gateway 3.2, we see the potential to live up to this expectation and are excited about this announcement."

Takashi Oshiro, Executive Director and Senior Vice President at NS Solutions, Inc., said: "Local 5G in Japan is crucial for promoting Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation (DX). We welcome the Nokia 5G Gateway 3.2 which will further accelerate the local 5G market in Japan which is still in the early stages. NSSOL is working with Nokia to develop their ‘nsraven’ local 5G solution, which contribute to the growth of the local 5G market and help customers achieve DX and resolve business challenges.”

Akiko Kanai, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Business Development, Corporate Planning, and Sales Engineering at NetOne Partners, said: "There is a lack of availability of customer premise equipment that supports local 5G spectrum. We have high expectations for Nokia's renowned 5G gateway, which is known for its high performance and quality, to enter the Japanese market."

John Lancaster-Lennox, Head of Market Unit Japan at Nokia, said: "The introduction of our FastMile 5G gateway reinforces Nokia's commitment to Japan’s Local 5G initiative which will have a key role in the acceleration of enterprise 5G use cases."

Notes to editors

Nokia is a leader in 5G Fixed Wireless Access with a breadth of expertise, global reach and continuous innovations, leveraging on Open-source Software (SW), Wi-Fi 6 and EasyMesh. Its approach to high performance with advanced antenna designs delivers higher throughput, better coverage and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2 Japanese model

The FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2 supports n79, n41 and B41 bands applicable to Local 5G use cases. With extensive carrier aggregation for 5G New Radio in both Stand-Alone and Non Stand-Alone mode and dual connectivity (EN-DC) between supported bands, it improves performance and reliability by using the best 4G and 5G signals available. The Japanese variant Gateway 3.2 also supports “semi-synchronization TDD operation” feature specifically defined for Japanese Local 5G use cases.

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