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Nokia’s SaaS-based Data Marketplace selected by Equideum Health to power its healthcare blockchain solutions

Press Release 

Nokia’s SaaS-based Data Marketplace selected by Equideum Health to power its healthcare blockchain solutions

  • Equideum Health to use Nokia Data Marketplace (NDM), delivered through Nokia’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, to enable a multi-party ecosystem
  • The collaboration will unlock diverse person-centric use cases by applying advanced technologies in data management, data exchange and blockchain

16 March 2022 

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced that it has been selected by Equideum Health to help the US-based company jointly develop and deliver healthcare use-cases by using Nokia’s Data Marketplace (NDM) solution delivered through its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

NDM, launched in 2021, facilitates secure sharing of data and AI models in order to drive digital transformation and data monetization for ecosystem players. Taking those NDM capabilities in conjunction with its SaaS delivery model, Nokia will enable healthcare and life sciences blockchain leader Equideum Health to launch new use-cases faster and achieve time-to-value quicker. Equideum Health is a spin-off from ConsenSys, the leading Ethereum software company.

With the amount of healthcare-related data being generated at the network edge rising exponentially due to factors like increased usage of healthcare wearables and connected devices, the Equideum Exchange will securely process, enrich, assemble, and analyze data using blockchain, decentralized AI, and privacy-preserving technologies; and securely exchange this data in a multi-party ecosystem.

As part of that effort, the partnership aims to accelerate Equideum Health’s privacy-preserving Clinical Trials Matching capability. Currently, to shortlist patients for clinical trials, companies invest significant money and time in data acquisition, and face issues like poor data quality, compliance, and cost of intermediaries.

The collaboration aims to help pharmaceutical companies simplify and optimize the clinical trial life cycle through faster patient identification; the use of advanced patient consent mechanisms; patient remuneration via the use of digital wallets; and enhanced patient transparency on how data is being used.

Utilizing NDM through Nokia’s secure SaaS delivery model provides global reach and scalability of the solution; and, consumed via a monthly subscription, improves business agility while reducing operating costs.

Nokia and Equideum are scheduled to hold a webinar on April 14 to further discuss their partnership. More details can be found here.

Heather Leigh Flannery, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Equideum Health, said: “Our mission is to drive health outcomes and equity by breaking down data silos and revolutionizing the way health and health-relevant information is accessed and shared. We are very pleased to be taking another step toward delivering on those goals through this partnership with Nokia and leveraging its NDM solution through its SaaS model.”

Friedrich Trawoeger, Senior Vice President, Cloud and Cognitive Services at Nokia, said: “Nokia Data Marketplace gives our customers a secure and compliant way to access distributed data sets, where AI/ML capabilities extract insights to improve healthcare. Nokia’s SaaS delivery model will allow us to scale our partnership with Equideum Health and help us realize our shared goals of providing world-class blockchain solutions to transform the healthcare sector.”

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About Equideum Health

Equideum Health (formerly ConsenSys Health), a ConsenSys Mesh portfolio company and ConsenSys partner, builds Web3 person-centered healthcare and research networks called Data Integrity and Learning Networks (DILNs). DILNs feature self-sovereign identity, fine-grained verifiable consents, advanced privacy preservation and decentralized data liquidity across enterprise and individual data silos. DILNs are implementations of the company’s Elevated ComputeTM platform, powered by Ethereum, tokenization, decentralized artificial intelligence (AI), and confidential computing. Equideum Health’s DILNs prioritize populations with uniquely complex healthcare needs and aim to improve population health and clinical outcomes by impacting access, equity, quality, personalization, engagement and empowerment. Learn more at

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