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Nokia demonstrates live D-Band microwave backhaul connection

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Nokia demonstrates live D-Band microwave backhaul connection

  • D-Band will be a valuable resource for ultra-high-capacity backhaul connectivity in dense urban environments

13 April 2022

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced that it has successfully demonstrated a live microwave connection utilizing D-Band spectrum (130-175 GHz). D-Band enables much higher bandwidth than other microwave bands and will serve as an ultra-high-capacity extension for 5G backhaul and fronthaul in dense urban environments. The trial, which was conducted by Nokia utilizing Nokia Bell Labs technology, is investigating how higher frequencies beyond 100 GHz, can support the increased capacity requirements of mobile networks.   

The proliferation of 5G networks has seen increasing demand for high-capacity, high-speed microwave backhaul to support evolving network requirements and growing traffic. This requires the use of higher frequency bands previously not used for this purpose. These bands can support large channel bandwidths and handle up to 50 times more traffic than microwave bands typically used for mobile network backhaul. D-Band is expected to be mostly used in dense urban environments, thanks to the small form factors of the products involved.

The trial used an integrated dual-transceiver using a 2 GHz channel bandwidth operating over a distance of approximately 200 meters; this solution was developed by Nokia Bell Labs.

Giuseppe Targia, Vice President, Microwave Radio Links at Nokia said: “This trial demonstrates how we are continuing to push the boundaries to deliver best-in-class connectivity as the demand for 5G services grows. The D-Band will be important in delivering high-capacity 5G connectivity in the future. We continue to drive important innovations that support our customers with coverage and capacity where it is needed.”


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