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Nokia launches 5G Open Lab to accelerate private wireless network adoption in Korea

Press Release

Nokia launches 5G Open Lab to accelerate private wireless network adoption in Korea 

  • Nokia’s new 5G Open Lab will advance the adoption of 5G private wireless networks in Korea by making it easier for local partners, service providers, system integrators, academia and enterprises to test their services and solutions 
  • The Lab will contribute to the Korean Government's vision to encourage the digitalization of enterprises

25 April 2022

Seoul, South Korea – Nokia today announced that it has launched a Private 5G Open Lab, as part of its existing Advanced Technology Center at its Seoul offices to showcase its technology and encourage the development of 5G private wireless networks in Korea. Nokia's Private 5G Open Lab will support Korean enterprises, communications service providers (CSPs) and partners in leveraging 5G private wireless networks to acquire new capabilities and operational efficiencies. The lab will also offer training to partners and demonstrations for customers. Nokia will also partner with local companies developing solutions and services for 5G private wireless networks.  
The lab is equipped with Nokia's 5G private wireless network solution, including its radio, core and service platform, powered by Nokia’s latest AirScale portfolio, Modular Private Wireless and FastMile 5G Gateways. Nokia Digital Automation Cloud and MX Industrial Edge will also be added and cross-connected with the existing equipment by the third quarter of the year. 

Korea has recently announced e-UM (private 5G) service in n79 and n257 frequency bands and has awarded service license to several companies. Nokia’s lab will contribute to building a vibrant 5G private wireless network ecosystem that will enable end users to benefit from several industrial-grade private wireless use cases, including Industry 4.0, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and factory automation.

The lab allows local companies to test their solutions and services, including interoperability tests, for 5G private wireless networks. Nokia will be able to provide a verified private 5G service platform from diverse global use cases for testing purposes to local customers and local industrial players.

Kevin Ahn, Head of Korea at Nokia, said: “We are thrilled at the opening of the Private 5G Open Lab in Korea. It will allow us to showcase our field-proven products and solutions as well as accelerating the local industry by allowing domestic players to test their 5G private wireless network solutions, across radio, core and diverse user equipments. The lab reiterates our commitment to an open ecosystem to encourage the development of diverse 5G private wireless network solutions. The 5G private wireless network sector will also benefit from our learnings and experiences of building 5G private networks in other regions.” 


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