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Nokia revamps Japan research facility to showcase end-to-end Local 5G portfolio and Lab-as-a-Service

Press Release

Nokia revamps Japan research facility to showcase end-to-end Local 5G portfolio and Lab-as-a-Service

  • Nokia has acquired a required license to demonstrate its end-to-end Local 5G products at its revamped Advanced Technology Center in Tokyo 
  • The center provides an opportunity to the communications service providers, enterprises and infrastructure companies to gain in-depth knowledge about the real-life workings of Local 5G 
  • Nokia’s Lab-as-a-Service will allow customers to maximize product quality and reduce time to market by being able to test in a simulated environment

12 May 2022

Tokyo, Japan – Nokia today announced the opening of its revamped Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to test and demonstrate Nokia's end-to-end portfolio of Local 5G equipment, software and services. The center will now allow enterprises, communications service providers (CSPs), and infrastructure providers to closely learn and understand the vast potential of Local 5G technology in unlocking new values and better serving their customers. The ATC will also offer Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS), ensuring easy access to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and testing services and validation of devices, applications, and solutions.

Nokia has acquired a Local 5G radio license from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which allows it to demonstrate Local 5G in the Tokyo, Roppongi office. The ATC will help Nokia provide technical training for faster customer deployment.

The center will enable Nokia's customers and partners to jointly develop solutions, demonstrate use cases, and conduct research innovation to test various applications using actual equipment and simulate the real usage environment to help them discover how the technology will perform in a real-world scenario. The LaaS will help enterprises and CSPs accelerate the time to market new products and services.

Nokia plans to further expand the Local 5G network to the workplace floor of the Roppongi office and create an environment where all employees can use the Local 5G network at the office. 

Established in 2017 as Nokia’s flagshipcutting-edge technology center in Japan, ATC has helped CSPs test and conduct 5G demonstrations. The upgraded center will now leverage Nokia’s end-to-end 5G products to enable Local 5G demonstrations, integration testing and interconnection testing with third-party application partners in the vertical segment.

Nokia is a leader in industrial-grade private wireless, powering Industry 4.0 today, helping industries accelerate their digital transformation. Nokia’s AirScale Radio and private wireless solutions including Nokia Digital Automation Cloud and industrial-grade private wireless core Compact Mobility Unit are used to enable local 5G coverage around the ATC. Nokia's Fastmile 5G Gateway Japanese model will provide 5G Wi-Fi coverage for the Wi-Fi devices and Nokia's IP networks will also be used to provide high-speed connections between the Radio, Core and Edge nodes within the ATC.

John Lancaster-Lennox, Representative Corporate Officer, President at Nokia Japan, said: "We are excited at the opening of the all-new Advanced Technology Center at our Roppongi office in Tokyo. We look forward to showcasing our latest 5G innovations and how they open new opportunities for our customers. Nokia’s Lab-as-a-Service will allow communications service providers to quickly launch innovative services and products by being able to validate them for real-world reliability and performance. The center allows our customers to experience the potential of Local 5G in the real-world environment. In addition, it enables us to train our professionals in a simulated real-world environment and to quickly resolve any deployment issue.”

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