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  • 25G PON gets closer

    25G PON gets closer

    AT&T and other leading communications companies have this week joined the group responsible for defining the specifications for 25 Gigabit Symmetric Passive Optical Network technology.

  • How to undertake a structured CSP to DSP transition

    How to undertake a structured CSP to DSP transition

    The difficulties faced by communication service providers (CSPs) in recent times have been myriad. Nokia believes that the solution lies in CSPs reinventing themselves as digital service providers (DSPs).

  • industry digitalization

    5G and related technologies to drive industry digitalization

    Bell Labs Consulting predicts that a new ecosystem of 5G and related technologies will equip industries with the necessary tools to kickstart the process of digitalization over the next decade.

  • Know, Now

    Know, Now. Technology, business and societal trends impacting telecommunications in 2021

    Nokia has published six signals to watch in 2021 related to new forms of connectivity, new applications and platforms, and new ways of living. 

  • industry

    5G and Private Wireless, the technology enabling Industry 4.0

    We all know 5G will bring lightning-fast mobile broadband. But the phone is the least exciting piece of the story. 5G will provide the connectivity for the fourth industrial revolution which will completely alter the way we live, work and play. 5G will also make it a sustainable revolution.

  • Explaining the rapid uptake of 5G and its real potential

    Explaining the rapid uptake of 5G and its real potential

    5G is rolling out faster than any previous generation of mobile networks and nearly 3 x faster than 4G 

  • spectrum

    Spectrum explained

    In January 2021 telco operators committed USD 80.9 billion for the C-Band auction in the U.S. But what is ‘C-Band’, and where does it fit into the wider topic of 5G spectrum auctions?

  • drone

    Drones: Blazing a new flight path

    The 21st century has been witness to a number of disruptive technologies that not only had profound impact but paved the way for further innovation. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) figure high on that list.

  • mine

    Private Wireless Explained

    The third industrial revolution (IR) transformed services businesses. The fourth IR will do the same for asset-heavy industries, with private wireless providing the connectivity to power digitalization and automation which increases business efficiency, safety and agility, and shrinks environmental footprint.

  • keys

    Cybercrime in the wake of COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has not only triggered a global healthcare crisis, but it has also disrupted societies in unprecedented ways. A slew of lockdowns and restrictions on the freedom of movement have forced us to revisit the way we work and live. 

  • moon

    Nokia aims for the Moon with LTE/4G

    Humanity’s relentless endeavor to push the boundaries of space exploration is well-documented. From manned missions to probes speeding their way to the farthest corners of the solar system and beyond, the thirst to discover the secrets of the Universe has never been so resolutely demonstrated as it is now.

  • firefighter

    Network Slicing explained

    5G brings a quantum leap in speed and throughput of data to the network along with low latency and ultra reliability. 

  • kenya

    Digital learning gains prominence amid COVID-19

    As COVID-19 disrupts societies and irrevocably changes certain aspects of daily life, the education sector has been particularly hard-hit by the fall-out of the pandemic

  • Real Talk

    Inspiring telco operators to thrive through and beyond the pandemic

    Nokia held its inaugural Real Talk 2020 event on Tuesday, 10 November. Hackers, futurists, technologists and other experts shared their views on what Communication Service Providers’ (CSPs) customers want and need to move through and beyond the pandemic.

  • banner

    Private Wireless, 5G and the introduction of Supply Chain 4.0

    Five mega trends are impacting the logistics industry. First, there has been major consolidation over the last decade driven by cost pressures, customer expectation for reduced deliver times and improved quality of service.

  • port

    5G will be key to economic recovery post-COVID

    COVID-19 has reshaped consumer behaviours and habits. People now rely on digital solutions to go on with their everyday lives: working and entertainment primarily happen virtually.

  • people in office

    Becoming an ecosystem player: Are you ready?

    Communications service providers (CSPs) keep being told that, to capture new revenues in the 5G era, they need to turn their networks into “digital ecosystems”: open platforms for collaborative value creation. But opening up requires letting go of some control over the end-to-end customer offering — and living with a bit of uncertainty about commercial outcomes.


    Open RAN explained

    The introduction of Open RAN, is the final piece of the unbundling puzzle that enables mobile network operators to use equipment from multiple vendors and still ensure interoperability.

  • farm

    IoT: unlocking the potential of precision farming

    Hailed as one of the most transformative chapters in the history of wireless communications, the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to unleash a wave of disruptive technologies.