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Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems: the next frontier in cutting-edge technology

The world is on the cusp of unprecedented technological breakthroughs as a new crop of intuitive machines trigger transformative changes that would leave an indelible impact on human wellbeing.

A key element of that matrix is autonomous systems, helping to address the principal challenges of the 21st century - from climate change to the stalling of productivity growth. This comes as the Fourth Industrial Revolution is starting to drive a wave of digitalization across all physical industries.

Hardly any sector will go untouched. Autonomous systems would enable multi-sensory industrial Internet of Things (IoT) tracking, low-emission public transport and factory production lines to name a few. They could also manage the power grid, ensure sustainable agricultural practices and support healthcare.

It can play a significant role in the security domain, not only guarding against cyberattacks but utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to anticipate threats and put in motion a response before damage is done.

In its whitepaper ‘The rise of the new collar worker’, Nokia Bell Labs Consulting predicts that machine learning (ML), AI and digital transformation will create new employment opportunities that can be enhanced by autonomous systems. The high speeds and low latency of 5G will further facilitate their deployment and pave the way for robust and seamless coordination between sensors, robots and humans in the future workplace.

What is an autonomous system?

Autonomous systems intelligently decipher human intents and transpose them into useful and considerate actions. By taking on the heavy lifting, autonomous systems enable humans to work in harmony with machines to solve complex problems.

But there are potential pitfalls as well. Beyond the technology we need to consider how these AI systems are controlled. 

Read more about how autonomous systems will shape our future in the full article here.

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