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Pioneering the future of wireless networks

Pioneering the future of wireless networks

By Tommi Uitto

19 June 2024


The long-term demand for radio technologies is a reality. With network traffic projected to grow 4x to 9x through 2030, our customers need to constantly evolve their networks for best wireless performance. And we know that we provide the performance our customers can trust.

We are working very closely with communications service providers (CSP), enterprises, webscale companies, vertical solution providers, developers and chipset manufacturers – a whole global ecosystem - to unlock new business models and enable sustainable growth that benefits all stakeholders.

We are constantly evolving our wireless portfolio to meet the key requirements of our customers for the highest network efficiency, ways to monetize their network investments and future-proof solutions.


Our highest-performance networks enable communications services that are essential for society

At Nokia, we are committed to helping our customers build networks that enable the best total cost of ownership (TCO) with an unbeatable performance/cost ratio. This is essential for them as they serve a critical role: providing communications services for the entire society.

We are building on our long history of innovation, a full range of R&D competencies and vast technology expertise. There are not many companies that can match our capabilities in System-on-Chip (SoC) development, base station hardware and software, network management solutions and services.

Our radio access portfolio is powered by the latest generation of Nokia’s ReefShark SoC technology. This ensures continued significant performance and energy efficiency gains that support the massive processing needs of future networks while keeping energy consumption at a minimum. 

With our comprehensive portfolio and network optimization expertise, we make new deployments simple and the extension of large networks smooth.

It’s clear to us that our customers want to evolve their networks to cloud-based, open solutions at their own pace based on their strategic objectives. To give our customers that freedom, we design and develop our RAN solutions to enable consistently high performance and feature consistency across hybrid networks consisting of purpose-built, cloud-based and open environments. 

Investing in Nokia RAN today ensures a future-ready foundation for our customers’ business. In fact, it’s also an investment in 6G.


We have a long-term commitment to industry collaboration

We recognize the importance of supplier diversity and technology options that best meet our customers' objectives. Within the Nokia anyRAN approach, we are co-innovating with industry-leading partners in general-purpose computing, hardware and cloud platforms to give our customers the widest choice of strategic options for their RAN evolution. We also work very closely with device suppliers and leading artificial intelligence companies.

We have demonstrated the maturity of our Cloud RAN solution based on the anyRAN approach in many trials with customers and partners and developed pre-integrated reference designs to make the introduction of Cloud RAN easy for our customers. We have made swift progress: our Cloud RAN is commercially available this year.

With our anyRAN approach, we also address the needs of enterprises and system integrators through strategic collaboration with cloud core providers. Many enterprise networks will remain significantly smaller than public networks. Our solutions scale down to meet this requirement, adding another dimension of flexibility that will help accelerate the adoption of 5G in the enterprise sector and support the digital transformation of industries.

Let’s not forget the end users, be they consumers or business customers. When they start using new devices, networks must be able to support all the new capabilities. Our decades-long collaboration with leading device and chip suppliers such as Qualcomm, MediaTek and others ensures that when new consumer and enterprise devices hit the market, our networks are ready.


We pioneer innovative technologies to enable new opportunities

We are pioneering innovative solutions to give our customers all the building blocks they need to introduce new revenue-generating services today and in the future.

Network slicing is a great example of how CSPs can offer and monetize tailor-made service packages. Nokia is a pioneer in multi-access edge slicing, which enables totally new applications for enterprise markets that need ultra-low latency, localized processing and uncompromised data security.

With the combination of slicing and edge computing, our customers can monetize untapped 5G, fixed wireless access and fixed access opportunities. Today, typical use cases are residential broadband, enterprise connectivity and industrial automation. Future business opportunities will also arise from the next big things in consumer electronics, such as wearables and extended reality services.

We have seen different viewpoints and discussions on the emerging API economy. At Nokia, we believe that making the network capabilities available to application developers with open interfaces and network as code will foster new innovations that will bring a return on CSP investments.

Furthermore, our customers have given us feedback that we are leading the industry by enhancing our products and services with artificial intelligence capabilities. This will be a game-changer in making the future networks cost-optimized while delivering a superior subscriber experience.


We are a trusted partner able to guarantee security and transparency

Nokia is a trusted B2B technology innovation leader and supplier that is focused on sustainability, ethical business practices, security and privacy.

We apply the highest ESG standards to execute all business activities responsibly, ethically and transparently, whether interacting with our customers, business partners, suppliers or employees.

Our strong commitment to security helps operators build trust in the privacy of subscriber information. For our customers, it is a fundamental benefit that Nokia does not have any geographical technology access limitations.

By acting together with our customers and partners, we are building the digital transformation of society on a future-proof foundation.


About Tommi Uitto

Tommi is the President of Mobile Networks at Nokia and also serves as the Country Senior Officer of Nokia Finland.

Tommi is passionate about developing, selling and building radio access networks and microwave radio links, and seeing his communication service provider (CSP) and enterprise customers with private/dedicated wireless networks thrive in delivering ever better services in mobile broadband and the Internet of Things. As the head of Nokia’s Mobile Networks business group since the end of 2018, Tommi is helping to shape the mobile industry and society by bringing 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, open RAN and cloud RAN to the market to fuel the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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