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11 Mar 2021



The event aims to give a comprehensive view of the initiatives underway in the Region and in the territorial systems for the development of digital infrastructures, to foster the digital growth of enterprises and to improve the quality of participation and services to citizens. Finally, the event aims to create a moment of confrontation between those active in institutional, organizational and technological innovation in the Campania Region, Central and Local Public Administration, Business, University and Research, and to bring the excellence of the Campania Region and territorial systems onto a national stage.

The Summit, organised in collaboration with the Campania Region ,  will consist of an entire day's work (9.00 am - 5.00 pm) and will include 5 Plenary Sessions dedicated to the main themes: Economic development, governance and implementation of digital transformation; Health and the Covid-19 emergency; Infrastructure, transport and sustainable mobility; Culture and tourism; Ecosystem 5G, IOT, Big data, AI and the Single Network.

Nokia speaker

Giuseppina Di Foggia, CEO and VP Nokia Italy