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05 Nov 2020 – 10 Nov 2020

China International Import EXPO 2020

CIIE KV pure

National Exhibition and Convention Center - Qingpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

Nokia will take this opportunity to build the leading & successful example of China’s openness, increase Nokia’s brand awareness in the vertical markets, position as Tire 1 vendor with innovative solution and be a trusted digital partners.

The 3rd China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai. It is not just another expo in an ordinary sense, but a major policy initiative and commitment taken of our own accord to open up the Chinese market. Friends from around the world are welcome to participate in the expo. Key activities Enterprise and business exhibition Country Pavilion for trade and investment Hongqiao International Trade Forum Key statistics 130 countries and regions 2800 + enterprises signed up 200 Fortune 500 and leading enterprises 270000sqm exhibition area .  2020 Nokia objectives @CIIE

  1. Leading and successful example of China’s openness
  2. Build 5G market reputation in China
  3. Increase Nokia’s brand awareness in the vertical markets
  4. Shape Nokia/NSB as tier 1 player in China

Nokia speaker

Markus Borchert, CEO of NSB, President of Nokia China